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    Orange Grove is just a short boat ride down the Intracoastal Canal out of Minor's Canal in the Bayou Black area in southern Terrebonne Parish, Houma, Louisiana. Although it is not the only area to fish, it has been one of the most consistent. Not only is the sacalait fishing great at times, but the bass, bluegill, catfish, and shell cracker bite can be really good. Like all types of fishing, figuring out the pattern is a matter of trial and error. Sometimes the many points where the bayous intersect is good, other times it is drifting down the main canals finding hidden tree tops that may hold fish. There are many cuts in the marsh and at times when the water is falling, can be great for bass and crappie. Just like many fisheries, there may be sections that hold fish and some just void of anything. The key is to figure out what areas hold fish on a given day and stay in that location. There is a saying in fishing, "never leave fish to find fish." Unless you are fishing a tournament and need a big fish, it is always a good idea to stay where the fish are active.

    Technique can vary when it comes to catching marsh crappie. The most common and effective method is a jig or live bait fished under a cork. Although, casting a small spinner or jig can work as well. Perhaps one of the most effective and under utilized methods is spider-rigging. This is typically used in deeper lakes throughout the country, but can be very effective in the marsh as well. You may not need the 6-8 pole method like normal, but setting out a couple of long poles (12-14 feet) usually will net you fish that most fisherman simply pass over. Some days it is better than the cork and jig or casting. The one thing that will increase your success on the water is to try the many techniques that crappie fishing has to offer. There are no guarantees in fishing, but if you leave without trying every trick in the book, it could mean the difference of having enough for supper or going home empty handed. I do have preferences when it comes to fishing the marsh. I prefer a 1/32oz jig over a 1/16th or 1/8th because it reacts differently by sinking slower and in a darting motion and may result in strikes that the heavier jigs would not. Although the exception to this would be if you are spider-rigging, then a heavier jig might be necessary to stay in the strike zone while trolling. The most common colors used are black/chartreuse, blue/chartreuse, pink, and white. Most fishers have their favorite colors and as with any fishery, confidence in your bait is key to catching fish. The marsh is typically a shallow estuary and fishing too deep may result in fewer fish. Crappie look up to feed, so fishing below them will result in fewer bites. If you are seeing shad or other bait fish popping on the surface, there is a good chance you will find fish in that area. Depth or fish finders may also aid in locating bait and structure. However, with the shallow waters of the marsh it is more difficult to do so. So if you are looking for a great place to catch crappie, bass, bluegill, and many other species of fish, the Grove is a great place that is just a short boat ride from Cannon's landing here in the most southern part of Louisiana.

    Good luck fishing. Hope to see ya on the water.

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      Good information once again thank you. Fishing sometimes means patience.
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      Wow! Nice crappie. Thanks for sharing the Orange Grove report, "How To" fish it information, and picture.
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      Great read. Pic ain't bad either.
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      Great background in the pic, and your smile says a lot. Thanks for taking us with you.
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      good read
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      Great read!
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      sounds like we chase them in similar ways ....cept for the long rods ...nice read brother
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      Just wow.