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  • Saginaw Bay 1st Time EVER, with Skillet no less.

    What a flurry for a trip....................

    Started Friday,
    Rich posted something in "Shots form the Hip" about Skillet to go to Saginaw for Walleye, and Ready2Fish, was not available........

    We know why Jim is still not going, he is still "Waiting4Boat" probably in the closet sucking his thumb, wishing he still had his boat..........Jim, when we getting an update? Heard rumor your looking at an alternate boat now, besides the warrior??????

    Anyway, Called Skillet, and plans were made, we were going to launch Sunday around 8-9. Looking at the map, and drive time, I could do that from GR. Was told, I would get a call for launch time, depending on Saturday results. Great, my first trip on the Sagniaw bay was planned. Then he calls Saturday night about 7 pm, and says lets launch @ 7:00am.

    SEVEN AM? That does not meet the required amount of time for me to look AWESOME............ 3AM Wake up call, then drive to Linwood? Was he NUTS?

    Think FAST OneidaEagle, Think FAST, So I called GreyBeard who lives on the Kawkawlin River. (I hunted with him for 20 some years) and actually drove up and stayed at their place on the Kawkalin River. I didn't have to get up until 6am. That was WAY BETTER. He is actually 2.6 Miles from the Patterson Launch.

    So I was at Linwood BRIGHT EYED and BUSHY Tailed, and AWAKE, for my first ever trip on Saginaw bay.

    The first thing I was told, was that the "Addiction was about to begin" Skillet was right in a way, but I will get to that.....I met the third guy Dave as well.

    Saginaw was not much different than the Detroit River as far as launching. It was a zoo, well not so mush a zoo as in BUSY, but we are surrounded by idiots. As we were launching a guy went over the rock landscaping bank, and was dragging his trailer on the rocks at the launch. I'm yelling to Skillet, "Check that out" Later when we were leaving that guy was parked in front of my truck he and another guy are putting air in the tire, and ask me "Does that look crooked to you?" "Why, yes it does............":and the dual axle trailer had a bent left rear wheel. Funny thing was, the guy found it more important to show me his cooler of fish, after having a stranger confirm, that yes indeed his axle was messed up..........

    On the water, the "Addiction slowly started". While dressed up in a base layer, Merinao Wool Long johns, My Striker Ice Hoodie, and my Striker Ice Predator suit, I was READY, to stay WARM.

    After getting to the initial location, we were ready, lures were chosen, boards were set, and we were fishing.

    1/2 way through the day, we saw Rich, Captain Winkie, and the "Other Ginger" You could tell the Gingers were uneasy in such close proximity, Tense, glaring stares, and the quick grasp of sun screen by each so its not stolen by the other....... See its just not good to have 2 gingers who have not been introduced properly in a NON SUN environment, in such close proximity, in board daylight, with water reflecting the sun. The tension was incredible, it was like two cats staring each other down, until Rich motored away, once past the minimum 200 yards, the Gingers were way calmer........

    Throughout the day, we devoured 4Lbs of Venison Jerky, and a sample of a Whiskey Maple that I am trying to perfect. Maybe a bit less pepper, but it sure was GOOD for a first attempt.

    We lost one, at one time cuz Dave was eating Jerky, matter of fact we ALL were eating some Jerky and a rod goes off next to Dave. With a full mouth of Jerky, is sounded like "Get yjosod Rod..........Fish, outrrrossee,,,, side........." Then the discussion (With no food in our mouths) about how Dave was sitting right next to it, and grab it......... his excuse, I'm eating, you grab it,well, we were all eating......
    Probably should have named Dave "Special D" after that little mishap.......

    I learned all sorts of new terms, like "Dirt Button" and all sorts of new lure colors. See "Special D" had his own color schemes, that I can not repeat here, that were fantastically humorous.

    There was the discussion about how with ever new boat purchase it comes with............. NOT a Captains license, but a personality. After much though maybe BOTH.

    Did have to correct Skillet about calling me "Sir". With that corrected, we humored on through our day, with many laughs.

    When "Special D" found out I had 4 kids, he told me I was "Naaaasty", I laughing told him, in this rare case, would be required to call me "Sir", at which point after the air was progressing across my vocal chords, and the syllables were being spoken I knew it was a bad thing......... So the rest of the trip, "Special D" was calling my "Sir Nasty". I knew better, but it was hilarious.

    We ended the day with 16, I think Skillet said, Fish were divided and we departed Linwood.

    Got back to GreyBeards, and cleaned fish on the tailgate, had a shower, packed the truck for the drive home, and pit stops, then had some fresh baked Walleye for my dinner, with GreyBeard & his Wife.
    Then headed to Alma to help my Son with some things, then my Moms in Vestaburg, then arrived home about midnight.

    Monday was a Sleep In day, and unpack the truck, and have some Walleye for Dinner again. We are now out of Walleye Wings, those were devoured by my wife and one of my daughters. Of all the fish I "HAD" I have some Cheeks, and 2 Fillets left for the Wife and I to eat, when we can make sure the kids are absent....... Yup, I raised carnivores.

    Skillet was right about the addiction, but not in the way he thought. I had MORE FUN, fishing with others than ALONE, which I have fished alone done for so long, it was nice to laugh, relax, and the laugh some more, and laugh, or and call people names, and be called name,s and laugh some more. Even the Silent Ginger stare down was a great laugh.

    Like the Fall Crappie Camp, it was a riot, and the laughs started before we even launched.

    Thanks to Skillet for the great time.......

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    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Nice catch. Thanks for sharing the report and pictures.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Great catch.....good times
    1. Speck Detector's Avatar
      Speck Detector -
      Some of those fillets make my tongue come out & slap me upside the head "GOOD"...looks like a delicacy with the fins, reminds me of a friend who would take everyone's walleye carcass & bag up all the "cheek meat" from the heads, later at dinner when they were prepared, I fully understood why........
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      THAT looks like a fun trip. And good eating after. Glad it all worked.
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      very nice yawl , that's some mighty fine eating right there ,congrats on that ice chest for sure
    1. wicklundrh's Avatar
      wicklundrh -
      The offer to take anyone from CDC out Walleye fishing is open from both Kevin (Skillet007) and myself. Both of us are tournament walleye fishermen that spend a large majority of our spring, summer, and fall honing our skills on many different waters throughout Michigan.
    1. ET Fish's Avatar
      ET Fish -
      Great trip for sure!
    1. Hanr3's Avatar
      Hanr3 -
      Great report and offer to take us fishing. One of these days I may just take you up on that. I started getting into Walleye fishing recently. I'm finding there isn't much difference between Crappie and Walleye. Plus they both are great eating.
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