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  • Got out for a bit last night

    Weather was perfect, wind was calm, wife had no concrete plans for dinner so off to the pond I went. Launched right at 5pm and off the water at dark at 6:40. There was another boat already fishing and I gave him a wide pass as I headed over to where I wanted to try my luck. I took a couple of shots of the best color along the shore. We just don't have much going on color wise here yet but here is a peek:

    The magic box showed scattered fish all night, but no schools or groups to speak of, nothing I could really feel good about sliding over and perhaps try my luck jigging so I continued with my trolling method. 1st fish caught was nice perch of about 10" and in to the cooler he went. A nice crappie of about 11" soon followed, with a 2nd not too long after.

    A couple of small bluegills were also caught and returned. I had quite a few hits that I simply missed, too. On past trips, it seemed they were holding on to the lures longer or actually hooking themselves. Not the case last night; the hits were there but by the time I could drop the oar and grab the rod they were gone. I'm guessing that the cooler water temp is beginning to slow them down a bit, not quite so active. Water temperature was right around 64. Still have the thermocline in the deeper water, right around 17'. Total for the night was 5 crappie, 4 of them right around 11" and one around 9", and 3 nice perch about 10". I lost one smallish calico while lifting him in to the boat and had a nice one shake the hook just before I could dip the net under him. Dang it, that one was in the 11-12 range, too.

    I think the time for trolling is passing for the season and I'll probably do more casting and jigging of groups on my next trip. I don't have enough experience to know for sure how active they are at a given temperature so I'll just see what happens next time.
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      gravelman6 -
      Nice pictures and you caught some fish. I would give it another try if weather permits they just might be hitting better.
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      scrat -
      Wow! Nice catch. Beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing the report and pictures.
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      Anchor Man -
      Good hour of fishing, where are you located up north?
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      6poundtest -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anchor Man View Post
      Good hour of fishing, where are you located up north?
      I am in Connecticut. Not too many posting on C.C from CT, but I bet there are some lurkers.
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      "G" -
      Love the fall colors
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      Speck Detector -
      I'm relaxed just looking at the Pics, thanks for sharing.