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    From about 120 miles west south west of where Crestliner08 was fishing today (Quinnisgamond Lake in Worchester, MA)!

    I took the opportunity to get in another couple of hours of fishing in this fabulous fall weather that we're having here in the Northeast. You simply cannot ask for nicer weather than what were having here. My water temp has dropped a couple of degrees to 71 and I noticed that the thermocline that had been around 14' was down to around 16' tonight. I hit the water about 5:45 and pulled off just before 8.

    First 2 fish were nice bluegill, both on a BG baby shad, threadfin shad color while trolling.
    Next 2 were crappie taken with the gray body/sparkle tail Southern Pro Stinger, also on the troll.

    I then rowed over a bit closer to the weedline and trolled there but no takers. I kept the SI up with the split screen with the 2D sonar for most of the evening and it really paid off, even sitting still. While simply fan casting I kept an eye on the screen and repeatedly saw white lines appear to one side or the other. I would cast over and sure enough, Bam! Fish on!

    If they didn't hit on the cast, I'd push over closer to see if I could jig them up. Didn't have much luck with that but did get 1 or 2.

    After a bit, I began trolling with the green body/ white tail and the grey body/sparkle tail and quickly hooked up on both at the same time; almost lost one pole overboard! That bluegill slammed my lure hard while I was just starting to reel in the crappie.

    I was pleased to see the groups of fish show up on the graph, even while sitting still. I didn't expect that performance based on reading before buying it; very handy tool to have!
    There were a few more smaller crappie caught that didn't get their picture snapped tonight, I guess about a dozen crappie total with 5 or 6 'gills. No bass or perch today.

    All were returned although my wife hinted strongly that it was about time to start putting some in the freezer for the winter; gotta keep her happy so I guess next time I'll be up late cleaning what I catch.

    EDIT: can't seem to get rid of this extra picture below the text. If one of the mod's can please do.
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      scrat -
      Wow! Nice catch. Thanks for sharing the report and pictures.
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      Slab -
      Great job. Thanks for sharing.
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      Billbob -
      good fun
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      Crestliner08 -
      Great job of catching. Nice gills!
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      "G" -
      good report