• Lake Verret

    Lake Verret has always been one of my favorite lakes to fish here in South Louisiana. I remember driving from Houma to the Attakapas landing before the modern day improvements. The last part of the drive was a shell road that went through the swamp and the big cypress trees would create a kind of tunnel effect. It was a magical sight and at times the road would be a few inches under water which made the drive even more scenic. At the time, some of the residents that lived across the lake had no road access and a boat would pick up the children to bring them to a bus for school.

    The lake was absolutely a fantastic crappie and bluegill fishery. There were days I would be on the lake at daylight and still made it to work for 10am with a mess of sacs. Crappie wasn't the only fish in great abundance. Catfishing and big bull bream were plentiful also. Bass fishing wasn't my thing but the reports were always good and at times you could catch more than your share on a crappie pole. My personal best day was in May one year. There were torrential rains and the lake had flooded. The only access to the lake was to put a small john boat off the main road. On that spring day over 200 crappie were caught and released. A lot has changed over the years and those type of numbers are rare and seldom seen. But that being said, the lake can still give up some really nice fish and decent numbers at times. Not to mention a few years ago the number one state record white crappie came out of the lake in May. I decided to venture that way yesterday with my buddy, Tim Dusenbery.

    The water had come up from the rising rivers and was stained to muddy. Fished a bunch of structure starting from the south end up toward the shell beach side of the lake. Had to cover a lot of water to find them, but it paid off. Caught some quality fish which were fat and healthy. The key was not to give up on a spot. Some lay downs just looked right and we would circle them twice before moving on. Many times on the second pass, is when they would bite. The lake is pretty consistent depth wise and the majority of the fish were in 2 to 4 feet of water. Some were caught tight lining and some with cork and jig a foot and a half deep. I love jig heads with spinners and a 1/32oz chartreuse head with a solid blue and chartreuse jig tail was the choice today. Lake Verret and its vast cypress swamp not only makes for good fishing but for a scenic view as well. It is always a blessing getting to fish such a place. Good luck fishing. Hope to see ya on the water.

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    1. Frank Cecil's Avatar
      Frank Cecil -
      Great story. I have always wanted to fish the swamps down in Louisiana.
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Nice crappie. Thanks for sharing the Lake Verret report and picture.
    1. SlabSlider's Avatar
      SlabSlider -
      Looks like a great place to fish! Cool!
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