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  • The Gathering in the books !

    Can you say WOOW ! It was a fine day for fishing or boat riding or fighting the wind ! I think we did all three today on Wylie. Had a super turnout this morning. About 35 to 45 folks fishing. Everyone got away safely and returned safe. Had plenty of fish to weigh and lots of B.S. to go around. Let me say Thanks to those that pitched in to make this happen. Which would be all the ones that were there. But then the special folks.The Dawgg , The Crappie Kidd , Turkeyfoot , ScooperDude , and the rest I cant remember. But you know who you are. The prize box donations were great. Had plenty for everyone. If you didnt get what you needed then you gotta come back next time. Food was great .Thanks CK and Dawgg. And the homemade old time Mama style nanner pudding. Not sure where it came from but Thanks. micorp and Mama micorp the bean dish was WOW !
    I know I will miss someone but a Big Thanks to Ya !Will try to get the winners right but probably wont. Anyway:

    In The kids division : Heavy 5 was from the boat of that guy they call Oldfish. My fishing buddy had 5 fish for a 4.5 lb. total. Thanks Wade for the company.
    2nd was Brently with 5 fish at 4.0 lb.
    3rd was Nathan with 5 fish at 3.2 lb.
    4th spot was Cameron with a 1.5 lb fish.
    Congratulations to our future crappie fishermen.
    Nathan had big fish in this pack with a 1.6 lb. fish.

    Glad we had you guys out there showing us how.
    Now for the rest of the herd:
    In first spot was Team Auten. They had a 5 fish total of 6.2 lb. And also big fish of 2.4
    2nd went to Team sinkermaker with a 5 fish of 5.9 lb.
    And 3rd went to Team scotty with 4.9 lb.
    Hope these are right. But the guys that wrote it down need training.
    Oh well wont be my first screw up. We had fun caught fish, and the wind. Man it was up near 20 to 25 mph by 11:00. And for those newcomers to Wylie you now see why we do lot of nite stalkin. Thank you to all the ladies that came out and fished. Somebody got keep this gang straight. Hope to see ya again soon.
    Ya'll be safe and keep those kids fishing. I think Grady has plenty of pics. But if you have some put em on here. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL.

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    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      this was a state gathering? what state and location? sounds like a good time was had by all tho, whereever it was. Looking forward to my first CDC Missouri Spring camp at Truman next weekend.
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Nice crappie. Congratulations to all the winners and all that participated. A big hooray to all the young fishermen(women).
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
    1. BigDawgg's Avatar
      BigDawgg -
      hdhntr, this was held in Rock Hill, South Carolina on lake Wylie. It was just a gathering of locals in the upper and middle portion of the state bordering North Carolina. We had this open for everyone, members, family and guest! We always have lots of participation from the NC guys and gals as well. Each year in the fall we have the SC/NC clash and top winners of heavy five fish claims the plaque for the year. Really big ego buster for this contest. LOL We ( SC ) are the current holders. LOL I guess, I should just say we fish all year long with everyone from all around and we really don't need a name for it. Just say fishing and it happens!
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      That was a good turnout and sounds like a good time had by all. The little man was soaking it all in by the looks of it.
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