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  • Bitten By The Spider by Brad Wiegmann

    Sexy itís not. Super-powers it lacks, however, even the nerdy, shy and awkward angler can gain the ability to catch more and bigger crappie when spider rigging.

    Being bitten by a genetically modified spider can turn anyone into Spider-Man, however, itís not going to happen in real life. What normally happens is a crappie angler goes out with a guide or friend thatís spider rigging and decides itís a bona fide way to fish for crappie. Seeing it in action, on the water proving it works can transform a single pole angler into a spider rigger quickly.

    Crappie anglers can spider rig year-round making it the perfect technique to learn. Even during the spawn some crappie will be staged out in deeper water waiting to spawn or recuperating after spawning. ďThis time of year, I usually target shallow river channels or creek channels since they hold large numbers of crappie moving up to spawn. Since the crappie are moving up to spawn it makes them easy to locate and catch,Ē said Beaver Lake Crappie Guide Payton Usrey.

    There is one catch to spider rigging. An angler has to have rod holders installed on the boat. This gives them the ability to set out several rods and fish them at the same time.

    Usrey utilizes two Driftmaster ( #T-250-H series T-bars systems. This system has a super strong 1 Ĺ-inch diameter vertical stem tube and T-bar where the four #210-H Liíl Pro Rod Holders are attached. It can be quickly installed or taken down and used for spider rigging or side trolling with the ďUĒ shaped front yoke.

    One accessory Usrey also uses when spider rigging is the Driftmaster Tip Section to keep his fishing rods separated and from tangling or breaking rod tips. ďI use the Driftmaster tip Sections to keep rods safe, out of the way and easy to get on my guide trips when spider rigging,Ē said Usrey. Crappie anglers have an option to add a Driftmaster Rear Section that can hold rod butts in place or locked to prevent theft.

    As for rods, Usrey depends on BíníM Poles ( 14-foot Bucks Graphite fishing rod. ďItís the perfect rod for spider rigging and keeping your rods away from the boat,Ē said Usrey.

    ďWhen Iím spider rigging, I like to use a very simple set up. I use a regular number 2 red crappie hook followed by a Ĺ-ounce egg sinker that can slide down the line to a number 10 swivel on a 12-inch leader to a Arkie Lures ( ) chartreuse/black Arkie Shineee Hineee. I rig the hook and lure about 1- to 2-foot apart,Ē said Arkie Lures pro staffer Usrey.

    Normally, the Ĺ-ounce sinker is what Usrey uses. ďA 1/2-ounce will keep my line tight when spider rigging. If you have too heavy an egg sinker your rod tips will bow down in the water and thatís too much. Once you have it just right the rod will be parallel to the water,Ē said Usrey.

    When a crappie bites on a spider rig set up the rod will normally just go straight or the line will go limp. Crappie anglers can use a high visibility line when spider rigging, but Usrey likes to use low visibility green.

    You wonít transform into Spider-Man overnight, but once spider-rigging gets into your blood itís an impossible, addictive way to catch crappie.

    Check out this cool Video:
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    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      good information, going to rig up my new Toon with those rod holders and do some spider rigging, think the wife will enjoy that. just one more way to fish
    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      Great article. I love those 14 ft BnM jigging rods, they are tough as nails. I've always used them for jigging the pads down here in Florida and only recently starting using them for Spider Rigging, a great idea.
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Great spider rigging information. Thanks for sharing the video.
    1. jimmydee1's Avatar
      jimmydee1 -
      Eventually,, he'll figure out that a Millenium seat on a pole will help a LOT!!
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      Good video. Lots of info and specific rods and weights will help those new to it.
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      good read
    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Thanks for taking the time and passing on some good info.
    1. Tony the Tiger's Avatar
      Tony the Tiger -
      So true. I was spider bit a couple of years ago.
    1. Muskrat's Avatar
      Muskrat -
      Great article -- thanks for sharing.