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  • Gills at Pickwick

    It is going to be banner year below dam at Pickwick this year. The bigger Gills are moving around early. Here are just a few pics of some. I am really pumped about these new areas I have located now that I am back in a boat. All Gills caught on a Bison colored Trout Magnet using 2# test line. The rods used were a Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 6' 10" TZ Jig Head Special UL rated 1-3 pound test line and got to use my new Major Craft FineTail Banshee Area Trout Rod 6' 7" rod rated 1-5 pound test. It is going to be a great rod for Gills. Didn't keep count of Gills, and didn't harvest any fish but will in the coming days. Sonar pic is of Gills stacked up....made for great fishing. Life is good!


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    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Nice catch. Thanks for sharing the fishing info. and pictures.
    1. eagle 1's Avatar
      eagle 1 -
      nice !
    1. Gabepeeps's Avatar
      Gabepeeps -
      Nice Gills!
    1. doggone's Avatar
      doggone -
      real good...Bluegill are mighty fine in my book.
    1. amaziing1's Avatar
      amaziing1 -
      nice pics! nice fish! sonar illustration is great! you get a "10" for this post ......... will be watching for more.

      tanks a million
    1. RetiredRR's Avatar
      RetiredRR -
      Yum! Gills are great table fare.
    1. Young Fisherman's Avatar
      Young Fisherman -
      Thanks for sharing....I fish Pickwick Dam every year for bream.....they bite very well on crickets up until the 3rd week in May!! I'll be there very soon to load up! lol
    1. ROCK's Avatar
      ROCK -
      I would like to learn more about this.I have fished pickwick for sauger and cats but never for gills.
    1. Alphahawk's Avatar
      Alphahawk -
      Thanks for the comment guys. ROCK if you go on the generator side, below dam, you can catch all the big black Gills you want. From now through early May...and some years they stay later.....they will only be about 2-3 feet off the rocks in all that swirling water. Most fish for them off the sidewalk with crickets on a long pole with the float set at about 6-10 inches of depth. Not many would think Gills would be in that swift water......but they come in there by the thousands to feed each spring before spawn.

    1. crappiebum_kc's Avatar
      crappiebum_kc -
      Nice job
    1. ROCK's Avatar
      ROCK -
      thanks,may have to give that a try.
    1. sharphook's Avatar
      sharphook -
      those were beautiful thanks
    1. chaunc's Avatar
      chaunc -
      Nice gills.
    1. "D"'s Avatar
      "D" -
      Beautiful. Let's eat.
    1. sportinglife's Avatar
      sportinglife -
      Quote Originally Posted by scrat View Post
      Wow! Nice catch. Thanks for sharing the fishing info. and pictures.
      Thank you for sharing about your area. I always wanted to fish Pickwick. To many lakes. To few years.
    1. livemusic's Avatar
      livemusic -
      Great post, and what a big bluegill!