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  • Kentucky Get Together at Big Bear

    I went to Kentucky for the Fall Gathering at Big Bear Resort. I brought my daughter Jessica and my Mother. It turns out, my Aunt lives about 10 minutes from Big Bear Resort. That's partly why I brought my mom with -- to visit my Aunt. No, my 83 year old mother would not be very happy tent camping. I did, however, want to bring her so she could attend the Saturday night fish fry, and meet the gang.

    I arrived at the campground at about 6pm Thursday night after a grueling 8 hour drive. There I met some of the members.
    Well we stopped and chatted with Billbob before we turned in for the evening and we were shocked to see his satellite dish setup. I did not get a good picture of his setup, but he certainly is all set. He's got everything. Grill, oven, Flat screen TV, Sat Dish, A/C, ambient lighting and tons more. He does know how to camp in comfort. Plus he's a heck of a cook. In the morning he had made hash browns from scratch that tasted just like my moms potato pancakes which I love so dearly.

    Friday we ended up visiting my Aunt and fishing off her pier for a while. We fished for Brim with worms and the smaller brim were constantly stealing my mom's bait. So I spent a little time showing my mom how to snag them in the face with a quick hook set. She could not believe how small those little suckers were.

    So, as the story goes on, we went out fishing with Buddy Coy twice. Friday afternoon for a couple hours and also Saturday morning. We had heard the fishing was not good at all, but we managed to squeak out 7 keeper Crappie on Friday and 5 on Saturday. We did catch other fish (Yellow Bass and Brim) and it was all quite entertaining. We had a lot of fun out on the water.

    Friday night at Whiskers camp site we ate Elk Chili, some great Gumbo, and much much more food that I cannot even list.
    Here's Cane Pole showing off his muscles.

    Billbob reaching to rip the crappie right off my shirt! He's sneaky that way.

    Don G with the USS BillBob t-shirt.

    Saturday night was the big Fish Fry and prize drawing. Here's my mom, myself, my aunt and my daughter waiting for the festivities to begin.

    Some great prizes provided by generous members and sponsors.

    This is a terribly out of focus shot, but it gives you an idea of the attendance. I think at one point in time I counted 55 people, but there were likely more.

    Jeff White, who rode his motorcycle to the event. Jeff has the hunters orange shirt on, can't miss that.

    You can see Sixfin, far right, already coming out with the stories! lol

    Nothing left to do but see whats in that mason jar! A fun time was had by all.

    Photos by Buddy Coy and Don G, and myself. We had an absolutely wonderful time. I'm looking forward to the next one.
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