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    Summer of 2011 Team Geezer was founded at Okatibbee lake. The original group was ScottV....SteveJ....Hook One....and myself......Here is a picture of us taken back then

    Here is a picture of us taken yesterday at Okatibbee

    More post from Fall Geezer Fest:

    Guess Whats for Supper by Hook1

    I found some Gewbers by G:

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    1. Tn Johnboy's Avatar
      Tn Johnboy -
      Great looking bunch of Geezers !
    1. pesce's Avatar
      pesce -
      Geezer's no Guber's yes, great pics!
    1. Tony the Tiger's Avatar
      Tony the Tiger -
      That's a fine bunch there fer sure
    1. brucec's Avatar
      brucec -
      Happy Geezers!!!
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Looks like you all had a good time and some good food. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    1. Redge's Avatar
      Redge -
      Thanks for posting, it looks like you all had a good time!
    1. ibmack's Avatar
      ibmack -
      great group, great pics. doesn't look like anyone has been backing off the fried crappie and pups though
    1. STUMP HUNTER's Avatar
      I know those GEEZERS!! Looks like a good time
    1. Speckanator's Avatar
      Speckanator -
      An old GEEZER FEST
    1. RetiredRR's Avatar
      RetiredRR -
      The older the Geezer, the more they know how to have fun.
    1. "D"'s Avatar
      "D" -
      There is a lot of years of experience in that group of fellows.
    1. prefers shiners's Avatar
      prefers shiners -
      GEEZERS know how to that some of that peach cobbler I had at Grenada...Yuuuuummmmm...
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