• Found a new soft plastic that slayed them yesterday

    A new fishing acquaintance gave me some 2" Mr Crappie Joker grubs in a few colors in appreciation for me giving him some of my Spoon Minnow grubs and showing him how to use them. The Joker has three tails with balled ends on the back of a ribbed grub body. Yesterday I fished a lake I was totally unfamiliar with even though I fished it over 25 years ago.

    The sun was going down and I gave my partner two in different colors rigged on 1/16 oz ball head jigs. Man, did they catch large crappie in 5' of open water near pads! The largest was over 13"!

    The sun was going down under heavy clouds and the water temp up a bit from 50. It was slow going most of the day only catching fish of different species scattered in different areas. (using mine and another of a major company)

    I will always suggest lures that work - mine or others. I wish I had a mold for the Joker but I'm sure Strike King holds a design patent. Of course it might have be a fluke that they worked so well, especially in a school of better than average size crappie. But seeing is believing and a reminder that what I think can't possibly catch fish, may be one of the best designs produced.

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    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Never know what lure or what colors crappie will bite from day to day.
    1. snake River's Avatar
      snake River -
      More information on the jokers my neighbor told me about them when he come back in from fishing I decided to buy a packet and try them out for myself they are outstanding I cannot say enough about this little plastic bait I was amazed how small the fish were that were gobbling Joker 2" up the color that I was using was black and chartreuse.
    1. Dave and Lynn's Avatar
      Dave and Lynn -
      Now I will have to go back to wally world and get some of these to try. Had them in my hand the other day and put them back. Thanks.
    1. brucec's Avatar
      brucec -
      Sounds good, glad they worked.
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      they work real good
    1. darcie1's Avatar
      darcie1 -
      Have used the Jokers for a while now and they do work.
    1. rdjj71m's Avatar
      rdjj71m -
      I have had some good luck on the Joker also. Need to try it more but like what I see.
    1. RetiredRR's Avatar
      RetiredRR -
      Dittos on all the above comments. They do work.
    1. "D"'s Avatar
      "D" -
      We got some great sponsors on here. Their stuff works!!
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