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    My advice, keep it simple. Just starting out does not require you to break the bank to catch crappie. I still know plenty of guys that skull a 14' jon boat around with a fiberglass pole and they are still catching crappie. No electronics, no trolling motor, just out fishing and enjoying the day. Obtain the better things of fishing as you can. Most folks that have all the "fancy" stuff, it took them years to acquire that.

    If nothing else, start off with a good pole/poles, depending on what type of fishing you are going to do. Buy a few quality baits (your choice) and get started. You can add to your arsenal as money allows (it does get expensive). If money is not a problem, call me, I'll be glad to help you spend it, errr, give you some ideas!! LOL

    Join a local crappie club. Even if you don't fish, go to the weigh ins and mingle with the fishermen in that tournament. Those guys in that tournament will gladly share information. And those that you view as "Pros", they can be beat on any given day. Get in there and fish with them. On the water experience with seasoned anglers is extremely valueable.

    Become intimate with your home lake. Know every nook and cranny of it. I don't care how good you are, how many tournaments you fish,or how many fish you have caught in your life, it is difficult to pull up to a lake you have never seen and just catch fish. The more you know about a body of water, the quicker the time you will start catching fish. Get your information any way you can. The internet is full of information.

    Find a partner!! It will cut your expenses down if the 2 of you share and it will shorten your learning curve (two heads are better than one!). Sometimes your partner will pick up on the particulars of a bite before you do.

    And last, but not least, never quit learning. I've been fishing for 45 years and I am learning new things all the time!

    If I can help, let me know!! I'd be glad to help!

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      Great advise buddy & nice mess of crappie. Congrats
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      Good post, thank you
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      Great advice. Thanks.
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      good read
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      sorry double post, please remove
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      Wow! Nice tail gate full of crappie. Thanks for sharing the fishing advice.
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      lot of good info
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      Solid info
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      Great advice, thanks.
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      Good advice!!!
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