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  • Don't give yourself an excuse to not catch fish. Never say "They aren't biting." - Driftmaster Best Advice Contest Runner Up 5

    When you say "The fish weren't biting.", what you are really saying is "I gave up before I figured out how to catch them today."

    If you approach everyday on the water with the idea that they can be caught if you just figure out what bait to use, how to fish it and where to fish, you will catch more fish. As soon as you say "The fish aren't biting.", you give yourself an excuse not to catch any. Fish bite everyday. They have to eat. Some days it's harder to make them bite, but they are always biting.

    Pretty well works for almost anything in life. If you give yourself an excuse for failure, then failure becomes acceptable. If you believe you can succeed, you will.

    The fish in the picture was caught drifting Kentucky-rigged minnows into the brush piles on a windy day. Not close to the brush piles or over them, but in them. Lot of snags, but by the time I caught this one almost everybody else was off the lake and we had it to ourselves. Didn't catch a fish until after lunch, but we ended up with 11 keepers between us.

    Don't give yourself an excuse to not catch fish. Never say "They aren't biting."

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    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Good advice. Thanks for sharing.
    1. SlabSlider's Avatar
      SlabSlider -
    1. Speckanator's Avatar
      Speckanator -
      makes sense
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      good tead
    1. ET Fish's Avatar
      ET Fish -
      I needed this!!
    1. brucec's Avatar
      brucec -
      Now that's some great advice for me, thanks!!!!!!
    1. Dave and Lynn's Avatar
      Dave and Lynn -
      Thanks for sharing.
    1. Mikie's Avatar
      Mikie -
      Good advise
    1. crappie4me2's Avatar
      crappie4me2 -
      Thanks for the advise
    1. OzarkAngler's Avatar
      OzarkAngler -
      I needed to read that.

      I've got a small area on my lake that is holding 12"-14"+ crappie. Only way I can catch them is occasionally a bite trolling a flicker shad through the middle of them. They won't bite any jogs, spoons, or Road Runners. I will try spider rigging live minnows next trip. Determined to load up the boat!!

      Nice post! Thanks!!
    1. "D"'s Avatar
      "D" -
      Thanks for that confidence boost!!
    1. STUMP HUNTER's Avatar
      Good advice!!!
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