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    My best advice would be to pace yourself on all the "gadgets" and simply enjoy why you are out fishing in the first place. That may sound simple but when you first get into anything new the overload of information can be downright scary at times. I grew up crappie fishing with my grandfather and by no means did he have the best of everything. We fished out of a very simple boat, no electronics of any kind, and just the basic Zebco rod and reels. Once my kids started to get older and easier to manage I found myself getting the urge to get back into fishing as much as possible. And boy had the world of fishing changed!! From new baits, to reels, to number of rods, to touch screen finders, etc. etc. etc., the crappie fishing business was a whole new ballgame.

    I would be lying if I said I didn't get sucked in to an extent on thinking I had to have everything I read about that Joe Blow fisherman had. Don't get me wrong, some of these items are very nice to have and I can't see myself fishing without them, but there were many other things I bought that simply took some $$$ out of my wallet and never really benefited me. So back to my first piece of advice.....simply slow down! Try to do your homework on whether or not Item X will really benefit you or not before you make an impulse purchase. What works for Fisherman A, may very well be worthless to Fisherman B. I have learned this the hard way on more than one occasion. Some may say that is just part of it, but this is one area I have changed my attitude after a few mistakes that hit the pocket book. Ask as many questions as you can from fellow fishermen on this site and other places. I can't tell you how many times I have received the answer I needed in a matter of minutes by simply posting the question here. Always be detailed with what you are trying to I mentioned earlier, your set up may not be the same as someone elses so be sure to give as much information as you can. I can assure you there will be someone out there that at one time or the other ran into the same issue. I couldn't give enough thanks to those on here that have continuously help to point me in the right direction.

    And for the second piece of advise, enjoy what the good Lord has given you to fish. Go with the mindset that being out in the boat and enjoying the scenery will be enough satisfaction, but boating a few fish is just a bonus. Even when the fishing gets slow I find myself losing track of time just being out on the water. For me, the normal day to day worries of the world seem to disappear for those few hours I can find to fish. Good fishing to you.

    Bluesraider, please PM me (Slab) your mailing address and shirt size and you'll receive your runner up prize package of goodies and Bobby Garland goodies. Thank you Driftmaster and Bobby Garland for your ongoing support of sponsors and members are the best.
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      Congratulations Bluesraider. Thanks for the fishing information and advice.
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      nice read .
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      Congrats and good info.
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      Well said Sir.
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      Great advice
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      Great info and advise!! Congrats!!!
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      Thank you, good advice.
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      Thank you well said and great advice. "to have fished is not to have caught,but to have caught is to have fished" !!! as long as you enjoy and have fun.Its not just about catching but enjoying god's creation Jesus showed us how to fish.Cast your line on the other side of the boat!!
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      Some of the best advice I have seen.
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      Great advice for any novice (and some old heads too).
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      Good advice!!!