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  • Brisket on my Master Built and it turned out great

    Brisket........Coat it with mustard and sprinkle on what seasoning you like......... set temp at 225-230........cook unwrapped untill internal temp of that time mix melted butter and brown sugar together and brush on good and wrap in tin foil and continue cooking untill you get a internal temp of 200. It takes approx one and a half hrs. per lb. total cooking time. Its fine.

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      Tracker123 -
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      GONFISHN -
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      scrat -
      Wow! Yum Yum that looks good.
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      brucec -
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      Speckanator -
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      Boatbottom -
      Gonna have to try that.
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      canebreaker -
      Sounded good until the brown sugar.
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      RetiredRR -
      It does look good.
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      Special K -
      That's pretty darn good for your maiden voyage "G" ... just think how good it's going to get once you have it mastered... as I know you will. What about mailing me a samich.
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      PawPaw Gene -
      Now you did it, you've made me hungry.
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      Erie Tom -
      Looks good!! Like the master built. Doing wings and ribs today. Use the Dadgum That's Good and a little lighter on the pepper because the wife wants a hold on the hot side. Sugar Rays BBQ sauce honey and a little apple juice for the sauce.
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      kycreek -
      What time is dinner?
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      short grub -
      That looks very yummy indeed

      Enjoy sir
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      That does look very good!!
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      Anchor Man -
      Looks great, I'll take a few slices.
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      Eagle 1 -
      6 miles apart and nary an invite !
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      ofishlbizzness -
      When do we eat ?
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      "D" -
      Thank you sir, may I have another.
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