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  • Shooting docks can pay off

    Shooting docks can pay off dividends in a nice heaping plate of crappie fillets. On the lakes I fish dock shooting is a relatively untapped resource. There just aren't that many people doing it. It is also a great place to start crappie fishing. Beyond the need for some type of watercraft ( anything from a boat to a kayak will do) all you need is a couple of poles of your choice. I used anything from a 6' to a 7'6" rod to shoot with. Get yourself some jigs in styles and colors popular for your lake and you are all set to amaze your buddies by catching fish few people even try for and put some fish on the table.

    No need for fancy electronics or other expensive gizmos. A good topo map will give you an idea where the great habitat is located. YouTube is a great resource for learning the technique and you can practice at home with and old dinning room chair, a bucket, or an old box. A cereal box with the opening laid horizontal or vertical will gibe you a challenge and get you ready for shooting those tough areas where the slabs hide.

    Dock shooting produces year round with the exception when the crappie are spawning. Highly stressed post spawn crappie relate heavily to docks that are deeply shaded with little or no activity. Find an abandoned dock or one that has spider webs showing little use close to deep water and you have found a potential honey hole. Grab a pole, hop in the boat and go shoot yourself up a mess of crappie. Bet you have a blast!

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      Very well written!
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      good read
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      Eagle 1 -
      Wish Enid had docks, sounds like fun .
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      good read, Thanks
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      Nice read thanks
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      Thanks for sharing the information.
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      Good advice, thanks!!!!!
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      Will try next time out.
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      Good read Jack. I share the passion, the surprise fish keep me coming back too.
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      love dock shooting .
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      Nice post Jack. Thanks.
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      Good info. Thanks for sharing.
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      I enjoy every minute of shooting docks. Its great time spent on the water. Thanks guys and thanks Slab for putting this in an article
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