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  • The 2004 TeeZur Jigs David Summers Memorial Tournament

    OK, here's how it all started. Right now I'm between jobs and would have felt guilty going down to a fishing tournament, even though I have the time. So I really didn't think I was going to go to the TeeZur Tournament being held on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee (the Big Sandy Area). Anyway, I came up with a scheme to take my mom down there to visit an Aunt (who happens to live on Kentucky Lake (in Kentucky). Next thing you know, my dad and my brother are coming with. So I just have to drag my youngest daughter with just so it did not seem like a regular family vacation from the days of my youth. Turned out to be great this way, we had a mediator, my daughter, to prevent some of the bickering that would have normally resurfaced going on a "deja vu family vacation".Jerry Blake of Action Fishing Trips ( invited me out to fish with him on the tournament. He also invited me out to pre-fish with him on Thursday and Friday before the tournament. He hails from the Hot Springs Arkansas area and has only fished Kentucky Lake once or twice before. He's a professional fishing guide down in Arkansas and usually fishes on Lake Greesonor Lake Hamilton. Jerry is the consummate fisherman, professional, personable, persistent and very skilled at what he does. But this was not his lake. Jerry's buddy, and our board buddy here on, Richard Williams offered us waypoints to use which turned out to really help. Richard, also very professional and personable, talked us through some of the lakes mannerisms and secrets, telling us about how to stay out of the wind, and where some of the "secret" brush piles were. Richard also coordinated this wonderful tournament. Thanks again Richard for all your help and effort in making it a huge success.So, here's how it all went down. Thursday I met Jerry and his fishing buddies around noon and we went out on the lake. It was warm and calm, but very, very wet. It rained for most of the day, but the rain did not slow us down from fishing one bit. We had the gear to stay out all day long, although Jerry did get a little wet when his Camp Dry spray on his jacket did not seem to hold up. I don't think that stuff is meant to work in an all day down pour!Jerry has a very large boat that can accommodate up to 6 other fishermen. Besides Jerry and I, we had my daughter, my brother, Jim Ericson and Jerry's fishing partner Lee Roy on the boat. Surprisingly it did not feel crowded at all. Jerry's setup on the boat is foolproof. His rods are color coded on the handle, on the rod tip and on the slip float. There was never a doubt about which rod you had to pick up when we had a hit. It was great to hear those wonderful words from Jerry's lips "blue, blue, blue, blue" or "green, green, green, green". Most of the time I was jigging one rod off the port side of the boat, which I had all to myself, while everyone else fished slip floats and tight lines on the starboard side. Jerry's routine is to do circles round and round the structure, keeping the starboard side on top the structure, with his electric trolling motor. An awesome setup if I have not said that already.

    It was great, my daughter caught the first fish, the most fish and the biggest fish on that first day out. She had fun, but I think the rain got to her that day and she chose to stay in the cabin and do her homework, play video games and watch DVD's during the other trips out on the lake. Her loss, but she did have fun that first day. Here she is with the big fish of the trip for us, just under 2 pounds Jerry guessed.

    Here's a picture of Jerry, believe me, he may look serious in the picture, but the only thing he is serious about is catching fish. He is an absolute riot in the boat. His comments and his stories will keep you entertained throughout the trip. This is one generous and cool guy that I will have to fish with again.

    This is Jerry's fishing buddy, and mentor, Lee Roy. Another great guy, really knows how to fish and seems to always have a smile on his face. Lee Roy knows how to have fun.
    Generally we were fishing 14 to 24 foot of water using slip floats to get down to anywhere from 12 to 18 feet of water. We used minnows on thin plain hooks (#6 Eagle Claw Light Wire Aberdeen Cricket Hooks). We tight lined a couple of those rigs on occasion, and we also tight lined some TeeZur jigs tipped with minnows.

    Here's Jim Ericson, he fished with us on the first day only, then fished with Darryl Morris. Jim is another great fisherman who hails originally from Minnesota.

    Here's my brother, Rainer. I could not catch squat with him on the boat, so the next time out I wouldn't let him on our boat, hehe. j/k Probably just a coincidence, but as soon as I went fishing without him, I caught many big'uns.

    Below is pictured the inside and outside of the cabins at Mansard Island Resort, It was spacious, clean, and well stocked. The two bedroom cottage was plenty roomy for the three of us.

    Now this was wild. While crappie fishing, we caught a Paddle Fish, or Spoonbill. I've never seen one in person. It really seemed like something out of the dinosaur age. Very sleek and cool looking.

    The pic above and the two below were taken at lunchtime after a mornings fishing, on the second day, Friday. Just look at the two monsters my daughter is holding! Unbelievably large crappie in that lake!

    Below is a 10+lb pound drum Jerry caught crappie fishing on a skinny wire hook with 8lb test line. I was amazed he brought it in. That's Lee Roy holding it up. Darn thing cut his finger.

    Here we are going to the hot spot to catch the big'uns. We had already caught about our limit of 7 for the weigh in, so the strategy was to go fill in the smaller crappie with big ones from some open water, windy spots. Although a good idea, it just didn't pay off.

    Well, after not successfully landing the sought after 3+lb crappies in the open water, we stopped back by our prevous spot to see it rampant with boats and fishermen. Oh well, it was about time for the weigh in anyway!

    Above is pictured Cane Pole, and Big "J" (aka fatboy), and Big "J"'s son. It was cool to meet these great bunch of people. I wish I had more time to spend chatting with y'all. Maybe next time, and for certain we'll chat here on the board.
    Below you can see Moose1am on the left, Big Jand Son, and Jerry stuffing his face! "Essay" Moose is a really cool guy, who my brother says will definitely keep the conversation flowing. Moose1am sat at my brothers table for the Friday night dinner, as did Cane Pole. Stupid me did not bring the camera in for the dinner so I missed out on some good shots. I also met Cohutta and wife, who certainly looked like she was about ready to give birth to Parker. I was surprised to see them there. Although I did not see them at the fish fry, maybe Parker is with us now!

    Above is pictured my daughter with the one and only Richard Williams.

    Below is a picture of some big ugly guy and the lovely Jackie Summers. Jackie had her real nice TeeZur Jigs trailer on hand. It was a pleasure to meet her, and a terrible shame that David could not be there to enjoy the festivities, but I'm sure David was looking down upon us with a great big smile, no doubt. Don't forget Jackie, let me help you do something with, which I had bought for David a number of years back.

    First Place (above)

    Second Place (above)

    Some yahoo shaking Richards hand.

    And third place, pictured above. Congrats all.

    Above is pictured Bill Clayton with Richard. Bill donated the Shotgun, and is a real nice guy by the way. I enjoyed chatting with you Bill. We'll have to get together to do some Illinois fishing.
    Below is Darryl Morris with Richard. He won the shotgun. Darryl is a great guy and great guide, here's his website:
    Darryl's boat is all too fast, so the phrase "get in sit down, hang on, and shut up" is appropriate here.

    And to end the story, on the way to my Aunt's house, through the Land Between The Lakes, we stopped and took this wonderful picture. The scenery, the fishing, the people, the accommodations all made this a trip I will not soon forget.
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