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  • Charles gets 2nd 14.5 Inch Slab from Jordan this Fall Today

    Charles and I had a chance to fish Jordan today. Fishing was a little tough, but we ended up with a good mess. Charles was able to get his second 14.5" slab of the Fall season. Had another 13.5" nice one to go with the big one. The others were in the 10"-12" range. The pictures tell the story. All minnows today. One very rare thing did happen for me today. As best as I can remember, all the "slabs" I have ever caught have been right on the bottom. The one Charles caught was 15' down in 30' water.

    Down below are some more interesting screen shots from today. Saw Chief on the water and had a chance to briefly chat with him. A number of the pictures were taken from near where he was fishing. The others were from another part of the lake.

    Now for some interesting screen shots. This is a down-imaging shot and I am only going .4 mph. Think of it as a time-lapsed photo. I think a fish comes off the bottom, goes through a bait ball and is headed back to the bottom, probably with a meal in it's mouth. Please share any thoughts some of you have about this picture.

    This has become my "go-to" screen configuration when I am on fish. It's side-imaging on top, with down-imaging and 2D on the bottom. Hint about the next three pictures, they were taken near the Chief.

    Taken near the Chief as well and not sure what has happened. It looks like an old asphalt road on the bottom, but not sure why the DI and 2D show the structure about five foot deep when it is obviously 44' down. Interesting anyway.

    We should have been 28' to the right--nice group of fish up on this flat.

    This picture was taken near where Charles caught his big one. Note that lighter means more shallow and dark is deeper. The crappie are located along the drop-off on the right hand side of the SI. You can see a shadow from some of the fish, but just a little bit. They are hugging pretty tight to the drop-off. This picture helps illustrate how we are learning to be better fishermen by trying to find out where the fish are hanging out. When I see fish on the screen like this, I don't turn the boat and go over there to catch them. I've known for years that cold-weather crappie tend to like drop-offs. Now I can see this is true and will continue to target drop-offs like this in the future.

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    1. bigarm's Avatar
      bigarm -
      Great Pics Great read. Have been using my new graph with all the bells and whistles. just going to take some time to learn
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      brucec -
      Congrats, Great fish and pics. Thanks for sharing!!!!
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      CCcrappiejohn -
    1. fishing man's Avatar
      fishing man -
      Very nice
    1. Dave and Lynn's Avatar
      Dave and Lynn -
      congratulations on a good day.
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      Billbob -
      good picks
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      pesce -
      very very nice, great pics
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      "D" -
      Fantastic fish. Nice smile!!
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      long poler -
      Great job
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