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    Thank you so very much! I will be glad to send you some of my poems and stories for your own enjoyment, and gladly! You are welcome to publish what is appropriate for your site, and all I want in return is to feel that I added a smile somewhere. Here is my bio. so you can refer to it as nec.
    My poems go back to when I was learning to write my name & my fishing goes back to before I could walk. My dad, Lester G. Reed, (to his friends often "Little Reed" or "Shorty Reed") was a TN Game Warden before I was born. My dad practically lived on Dale Hollow Lake when I was a baby, and I cried to go to the lake, and jumped in the water every time I got a chance. I screamed "I want to go down with the fishes!" and cried to stay when they tried to take me home.
    In Gainesboro, Dad owned L.G. Reed's Feed Store & (chicken) Hatchery. My mother tagged along to watch me, so I wouldn't drown while Dad was fishing (or talking about fishing). Dad always had to catch "just one more" (is that familiar?) so we ended up doing things like getting caught in storms, by darkness, and floating around while Dad tried to fix an outboard motor that had croaked! We had only chocolate chip cookies to eat for the whole day when a "quick run" to a secret cove turned productive, and too enticing to abandon. Dad took the hooks off some big baits, and they were my teething toys.
    They will find a cure for multiple sclerosis someday, but the love of fishing has no cure, and never will! Once when I was a little bigger, I was with Dad and Mother, Eliza Jo Lynn Reed, a teacher when not chasing me and 40 when I was born, was at home. The lake was rather choppy, and the wooden boat was one Dad had built for shallow water. The sides were low, and Dad was afraid of sinking if it got rough, so didn't take me out. Instead, he left me at the Cedar Hill Boat dock to play. I borrowed a pole from Dad's friend, Johnny who ran the dock, then baited with some bagworms from the cedar trees. I caught more fish than Dad that day, much to Johnny's amusement, and Dad's dismay. My dad did not like to be outfished, even by a tousled blonde with blue eyes. Wearing tiny overalls, brown high top leather shoes, and the magic smile of love, I slipped my hand into his.

    Memories ......soon, Pat

    A poem about fishing by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

    My DADDY gave me a little GOLD hook, to FISH with luck,
    It was tiny, insignificant, didn't even cost a buck;
    So many more important items are long since gone,
    But I still have my lucky fishhook, TREASURE brought along !

    Just to get to FISH with DADDY is the funnest time I know,
    Nothing seems so great as hearing, "Going FISHing, can you go?";
    I caught the bug as just a baby, I ain't never seen a cure,
    I ain't looking, I ain't searching, just trying to endure !

    Grab your pole, the pressure's rising, always living on the edge,
    Storm's a coming, short-term refuge, under some old bluff or ledge;
    "Fishie" thinks my HOOK's a "goodie," bites to eat the shiny flash,
    GOLDEN HOOK's my GOLDEN TREASURE, worth a million bucks in cash !

    If you've heard the SONG my HEART sings, bait your HOOK, and come along;
    I'll let you touch my LUCKY fishhook, your HEART can learn the Golden Song!!


    (pen) pattijo rainbow, JaDoM, Rastus, Screaming Eagle, Sista (b.) February 8, 1944 Gainesboro, TN (p.) Lester G. Reed, Eliza Jo Lynn Reed (ch.) Jason Shawn Sircy (ed.) Gainesboro Elem., Jackson Co. High, Gainesboro, TN, St. Thomas School of Nursing, and Aquinas Jr. College, Nashville, TN (occ.) ret. Registered Nurse for 29 yrs.(ret.due to 1991) (memb.) F.U.Meth.Church, Gainesboro, Cub Scout Leader, Red Cross Nurse, NAACP, INSPoets, N&INPoetryHof F, MADD, prev.Beta, 4-H, Science Cl., "J"Athletic Cl., HSYearbook St., HS & Col.NewsP.St., Honor St.for 95.18 av.4yrs. Basketball ES,HS,NS&Col.(Capt.), Volleyball Col., Cheerleader HS, Majorette HS, Ten.Col., JDMFC. (hon.) 8 Ath.Letters HS- 4 Basketball, 3Maj., 1 Chl., WofP IN Golden Poet Awd.1988 (first yr.inWC) & IN Awds each year since incl.NLibP, IN PoetryMuseum, Poetry Today radio IV, incl.Broadcast IV Source YBof Experts, Authorities, & Spokespersons (oth.writ.) Sev. Poems local newspapers, magazines, and anth. Pub.each year since 1988, but some written as early as 1954 at age 10. Articles in sev. magazines, incl. article in TN Conservationist Mag. at age 16 which helped bring attention and action to flood control in TN, also stories, both fiction and non. some childr. (pers.) GAP is what you know & what you think you know.ADVICE:Don't let your GAP get too wide! I have M.S. but nobody is promised a day and mine are well spent, with no prejudicial thoughts or judgements. Capturing in words the elusive beauties that only exist in the realm of evoked emotions, my RUSH comes from again setting them free when I share the words with others in LOVE. I AM RICH! I'm never bored.

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