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    Had the great pleasure to fish with GeneC again this week for a fun filled day and a half "just us guys" time. Really missed not having our wives there but we did okay. Friday we caught 44 crappie with around a dozen a pound or better each, up to 14-1/2". We put the bigguns back and kept 21 for a friend. I caught a nice rockfish that smashed my jig right beside the boat as I was lifting the jig out to recast. Seen the fish coming right before he hit my little jig. That was a BLAST on my ultralight rod with 4lb test. Fish bit real good in the morning casting curly tails over brush, 6 to 15 ft deep. Most brush in 20 FOW. Once the sun got bright and Gene pulled out a banana he had on the boat the bite got tough, you had to vertical fish in the brush to get a bite. Gene really has his electronics dialed in. His modified 998 DI shows every limb on brush piles and if there are any fish at home. Saves lots of fishing time. Then once we had to fish in the brush you could pick out the small bait above the brush and even the fish in the brush when they moved on his 2D 798. You could see your jig as well so you could fish it at just the right depth, then you could see a crappie move up and hit your bait right before you felt the thump. Unbelievable! Saturday we fished a half a day and caught 24 with 22 of them being keepers, their lucky day as all were released. Same type of fishing deal. Beautiful weather both days with light winds and highs in the upper 60's. Water temp around 66. Great time as always with Gene. Can't wait to do it again. Here are a couple of pictures.

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      Great report and pic's.
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      Good pic
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      good times
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      What a great day and 1/2, congrats and thanks for sharing
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      Way to go, Roy! You too, Gene!
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      Nice work!
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      Great story Nice pics
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      great report and even better pictures..... thanks for sharing : )
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      Nice story and pics
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      Good trip in good company.
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      Really nice!
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