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  • Doodler Road Report...chapter four...Happy ending!

    Saturday morning really started at 4 am, and not by choice. I was just lapsing into my four cycle of deep REM sleep when I hear the door to the trailer open. "Must be time for Ed to water the grass", I think to myself. No more than a three count later, I hear what sounds like a bowling ball trying to roll up the stairs, and someone muttering something that sounds a lot like "son of a biscuit, there's skunks out here!" Well, I could go into greater detail on the subject, but it's better heard from the, gewbers mouth, so ask him next time you see him

    So on with the more interesting details of the day. It's Saturday of Sippy camp,food, and some downright great fellowship with all kinds of great folks!

    The winds are out of the north this morning, so Ed and I drive around to Wallace Creek to launch. We decided, after listening to all the talk the night before, we were going to go back to spider rigging in 10 to 14 FOW at a slightly faster clip. We thought the day held great promise, as we boated two under sized fish in the first 20 minutes.

    Not too long afterwards, one of my front poles dove into the water up to the #2 eye! Fish on, and this time it felt like it just might fit in the box. Sure enough, the skunk was out of the box finally. The fish went 12 1/2". Not a slab, but after all the dinks we tossed back, it was good to put one away. A few more small fish later, and Ed has a nice one on.
    Alas the Golden Rule says it's too close to the line to take a chance, so back that one goes. About now is when the lull starts. We fished across Wallace Creek, and around a cove, only to boat one or two more small fish. By now it's closing in on 11 am, and we wanted to have time to put some things together at camp and still make the noon weigh in, even if we weren't going to have fish to show. I released the only legal fish we managed to catch this trip in Mississippi! Sad.

    We got ourselves around at camp and then headed to the pavilion for the weigh in. After all was said and done, the big fish came in at 2.43 lbs., second place at 1.93 lbs., and third came in at 1.86 lbs. Congrats to the winners!

    With that out of the way, it was time for the cooks to begin preparations for the fish fry. In the meantime, there were lots of old faces, along with some new, to meet.
    It wasn't long before the line began to form, and the feasting commenced. Oh my, what a spread! It never ceases to amaze me how good, and how much food shows up at these camps. A huge thank you to the cooks and those who worked so hard to arrange things. It was truly awesome!

    Once everyone had their fill, it was time for some awards and recognition. "G" was honored with a special shirt for posting over 46,000 times. Only he could have that much to say. [emoji12] I think I missed an award or two, but I didn't miss what was probably the highlight of the afternoon...a surprise presentation to our good friend Satdoc. Satdoc has been dealt some unfortunate circumstances in the last year, and his family wanted to show their care and support. All proceeds from the tournament entry fees, along with some other revenue, went to him. I know it was unexpected, and the expression of gratitude from Ole Sat was heart warming. We love you, you old coot.

    Following the awards, we're the raffles. Once again, the sponsorship for the event was outstanding with offerings from a large number of companies. I won't try to list them all, as I will only forget some. Needless to say, no one left empty-handed.

    It was a stellar event that some say was the best yet...I think I would have to agree! Thanks Sippy for some more great memories.

    Back at camp, we found ourselves at Billbobs where we jawed and laughed well into the night. Those times are some of my fondest memories. Thanks to all who contribute.

    Sunday morning we were up and at it breaking camp in preparation to hit the road back north. Billbob and Inspector Mike were packed and on the road early. Before we pulled out at 9 am, we said our goodbyes to a few of our southern friends. I personally miss them already.
    Ed and I made the six hour drive back up into southern Illinois to Johnston City and Arrowhead Lake Campground, which is becoming a regular layover spot for us. It's a great little city run campground with very reasonable rates. For dinner, we heated up some of Mr. Goodtimes smoked pork butt and made some delicious samiches. What a fine last dinner on the road for these two Yanks.

    In the morning we make our last leg of the journey to northern Indiana, where I unload Ed and Abbey. Once they are handed off to Sharon, I head north another 3 hours to Michigan and that terrible Urrrggg! Until next time, happy trails!
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      Speckanator -
      Somebody had a good time
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      MrGoodtime -
      Lots of somebodies had a great time. Dang Doodler, i didnt know yoo was so well, miss yall already
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      brucec -
      What a great road trip, congrats !!!!!!!
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      Billbob -
      great times pal
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      yankee doodler -
      Thanks Mike! Sure was a hoot, and really was great to meet you and the misses. I'll be back for sure.
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      Good pics and good times.
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      Looks like a great time was had by all.
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      Great write up. Hate I had to leave early but it was good seeing you and Ed again, oh and of course Abby.
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      You Boys!!! are having too much fun.
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      You put that very well.... Great time doodler my friend..
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      Glad to hear you got home safe, Thanks for the stories.
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      Great pictures.... wish I was there.