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  • Greers Ferry Lake Nursery Pond Finglerling Protection

    This past week we cut 35 large cedar trees off of Greers Ferry WMA and sank them into nursery pond outflow cove to give our fry a fighting chance from the predators of Greers Ferry. This was so much woody cover that it took up one pallet of concrete and two pallets of cinder blocks to sink the trees! The brush piles were put in 10 to 15 FOW in the back of the cove. The trees should settle out as they get water logged. We made a stump pile from all of the trees (35 stumps) and sank them in about 20 FOW. We also sank two 20 foot tall trees and some artificial trees at the same depth and vicinity. This new structure will hopefully give the fry a place to hide and anglers some more brush to fish in the spring. We will collect (single pole sampling of course) more hybrids next spring when we release the next crop and compare their gut contents to this years fish. Hopefully we will find fewer fingerlings in their stomachs next year.

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    1. cricket george's Avatar
      cricket george -
      Good job!!
    1. DCottrell's Avatar
      DCottrell -
      Wow, impressive. Hard work for sure but the rewards are great for your effort
    1. jackie53's Avatar
      jackie53 -
      Thanks D-10!! Most Guy's in your position would be setting in the office giving orders for someone else to do the dirty work!! Thanks again D-10 and crew!!! From cleaning up after the storms (lake Conway) to putting structure in our lakes(Greers Ferry)!! Thanks!!
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      looks great
    1. canebreaker's Avatar
      canebreaker -
      Great work going on there.
      After a week long stay at Greers Ferry lake I'll have to say that I saw more work being done there than I've seen in all my years around my state's lakes.
    1. Crappiegirl1's Avatar
      Crappiegirl1 -
      Looks good.
    1. Big K's Avatar
      Big K -
      Good on ya!!!
    1. bigarm's Avatar
      bigarm -
      Great cover Looks good
    1. broz's Avatar
      broz -
      Wow wish we could do here in wis. Nice job
    1. Tess's Avatar
      Tess -
      That look's like a lot of hard work, but the pay off is what counts! The fish will love you for it.
    1. NYHellbender's Avatar
      NYHellbender -
      Way to go fellas. Hope all that work pays of for you 10 fold.
    1. Dave and Lynn's Avatar
      Dave and Lynn -
      Thats a lot of work put in. Now for the pay off. Good job.
    1. kickingback's Avatar
      kickingback -
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      WoW....good job
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