Decided to do an all nighter lastnight on Pueblo Reservoir for crappie. Wish I knew my phone was acting up with two people that wanted to go, but didn't get the messages until I got home this morning. Also scouted a couple spots for tomorrow's youth bass tournament that I will be helping out a team with. I found a nice spot with a good amount of bass. For the night stalk, the bite was slow from 2-5am but still managed my limit on 10. Caught probably 20-25 total only. I was able to have a good amount of fry on the boat to draw fish in, but tough catching highly suspended fish, caught some with the minnow on the surface, and could see at times crappie swim through the lights a couple inches below the surface. There will be no video for this trip, was nice to just get out fishing not be bothered by gopros.
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