TCBA (Ohio) Catfish Results for August 21 2010

Heavy Rain pounded down on the anglers most of the night making for miserable fishing conditions BUT the fish loved it !! We had several nice stringers turned in !!! Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the rough weather !!!

KC Knight-----5 fish-----26 lbs 11 oz
Don Huff-----5 fish-----24 lbs 7 oz
Floyd Rennicker-----4 fish-----19 lbs 6 oz
Zach Leach-----2 fish-----9 lbs 9 oz
Mike Huff-----3 fish-----8 lbs 2 oz
Dwain Hall-----1 fish-----3 lbs 12 oz

There was 3 anglers who turned in no fish

Richard Yosick
Joe Brown
Jamie Gutscher

Big Fish

KC Knight-----7 lbs 14 oz-----Channel Cat
Don Huff-----7 lbs 2 oz-----Channel Cat
Floyd Rennicker-----6 lbs 4 oz-----Channel Cat

There was no Odd Fish turned in !!!

Rippin Lips Catfish Baits 1rst Place Winner & D.B Custom Rods Big Fish Winner KC Knight

North East Outdoors 2nd Place Winner Don Huff

3rd Place Floyd Rennicker