Got to Collins lake around 8am started fishing around 8:30am or so. The water was very warm with clear blue sky's.

I used many different rigging for Trout, Catfish and Bass but nothing was working.

Top water wasn't working, live medium size minnows was a fail, sppons and spinners,jig's, Texas rigged, Frogs, night crawlers and poppers and etc nothing I attempted was working. Talked to a few other people fishing in boats and bank/shore and hardly any had any hook ups or bites.

The only action I had was with a #6 octopus and 5-15 feet bobber using Fish Fry and Crappie nibble.

Had a great time nonetheless :-)

Also found this big pine cone pretty neat :-)

7530 Collins Lake Road‎ CA‎ 95962

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