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Thread: Battery charger question?

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    Default Battery charger question?

    Im in process of installing a Pro Mariner 2 bank charger on my new boat.
    It comes of coarse with 2 battery leads both of which are about 4' long.
    Battery #1 lead has an inline fuse near the battery connectors on each side.
    Battery #2 lead has only 1 inline fuse on the positive side.
    That however is not my question, but simply an observation.
    I was planning on using the #1 lead for my starting battery in the rear of the boat, and lead #2 for the trolling motor battery which is up front, as is the charger location.
    But I am of the opinion the charger itself could care less which lead I use for what.
    Problem is the leads are way too short to reach the battery in the rear.
    I had thought about just cutting off the inline fuses/connectors, adding the necessary amount of wire to reach the battery, then re attach the fuses/connectors.
    But first I called Pro Mariner and talked with a tech who said (don't cut anything). Leave it as is and add from the factory ends containing the fuses, then add more fuse connectors at the battery. In fact he said they offered an extension kit for that purpose, which I bought right then. Problem is I still don't have it after about 2 weeks.
    Frankly, what he told me makes little sence to me anyway, and im wondering just why my original idea wasent OK?
    Opinions please.

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    Extending the wires would be fine, as long as you solder and heat shrink them. I would not in any circumstance suggest using a butt-splice. BUT if you do that, after they said it was a no-no, unless you do it like they said, it would most likely void the warranty. I understand why the guy said to extend from the end, leaving the fuse link close to the charger, but I don't understand why you'd need another fuse link at the battery. You'd want the fuse link close to the charger in case you got a short in the wire close to the battery. It would protect the charger.

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    I have the same charger and same problem. I just extended the wires myself. No problems for a year now.

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    i would say no matter how you extend the wires ,to put an inline fuse close to whatever is being powered along with the fuse close to the charger. they are cheap and the fuse closest to the short will blow first. better to be safe than sorry .ask me how i know.

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