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Thread: What Do I Need?

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    Default What Do I Need?

    I have a 17í aluminum Lowe with a 50 HP Johnson motor. Itís currently in the shop bc it hasnít been in the water in 5-6 years. Anyway, Iím going to get a new trolling motor and two or three bank charger. The trolling motor thatís on it is old and difficult to work. At least for me.

    Iím looking at the Minn Kota Maxxum but not sure which one I should get. I figure Iíll ask the mechanic next week when I pick the boat up but thought Iíd check here. Also, thinking about the Noco three bank charger. The only problem is finding where to put the charger. I currently have a 12-24 trolling system.

    One other thing-down the line I may add side imaging. Suggestions?

    If needed....80% of my fishing will be trolling red clay banks for hybrids, 10% will be my son shooting docks and the other 10% will be anchored down over brush/under bridges.

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    The Noco is a great choice that’s what I been using couple years now great service so far!
    the minn Kota trolling motors are hard to beat if your going to be trolling it was be good to have one with at least auto pilot . And for si you can’t beat the Humminbird helix units I’d go with the biggest u can afford I have a gen 1 helix 10 that does a great job and you can watch around and find a good used one for 6-700 bucks good luck on your journey do your homework on your purchases and buy once I have bought stuff in the past in a hurry and end up wasting/losing money on something that I could have spent a little more money on and not had to But twice! Just remember if your not real careful boat = bust out another thousand !
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    You didn't ask, but here's some more stuff. You will almost certainly need the carbs cleaned. Ethanol will gum up carbs. If your trailer hasn't moved in that long, unless you have trailer tires on the trailer (instead of just car tires), you'll probably need new tires. Car tires aren't meant to sit in one spot for extended periods of time under load. Blowouts can occur, and they always occur at the worst time (as if there's a good time). You'll want to make sure the water pump impeller is working (look for a strong, steady stream of water from the motor's "pee" hole). Test the batteries. They may be shot.

    If it was stored outside, uncovered (or even covered), you may find some deck rot.

    As far as the 12/24 trolling system and where to put the charger, put it close to the batteries. The 12v that runs the big motor and electronics is charged by the big motor. Always carry a wrench on the boat that fits the battery terminals (make sure it fits all of them, some may have a different size). Make sure you can replace the engine battery with a trolling motor battery if you have to. While I've never run out of juice on the lake, it only needs to happen once. Trolling back to the boat ramp (in my case a spun prop) is truly the "walk of shame".

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