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Thread: 1/4oz jig head with slip float for crappie fishing

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    I do like to fish with a float in current especially when I can let the current take the jig away from me
    :I would like to thank the builders of docks for giving me a place to fish and lose tackle

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    Quote Originally Posted by parfume4 View Post
    Thanks for the comments.


    This video shows the situation in spill water. I was able to use jig to catch some crappies, but a guy he use (10m30s) slip float was able to catch a limit ( I am in Texas), especially when other cannot catch any more!!. There is relatively strong flow. I have a hard time to reach and maintain over the fish hole. But he was able to with slip float and heavy rig.

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    Here is what we are flowing where I live. This is also cubic feet per second. Typically we run at 60K. I probably fish heavier than most but a 1/8 is as high as I will go unless trolling. It's just my opinion but the odds of seeing a lift bite with a quarter oz. Is small. They will spit it out when they feel that much weight. Look for the eddies in other words the bobber will come back at you opposite from the flow and downsize. Tuning a bobber properly meaning fishing the perfect weight for the bobber is Paramount. I struggled with too much weight for a long time. And probably still do. Tight lines and good thread.Name:  Screenshot_20200116_203417.jpg
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