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Thread: Breaking frozen motor update

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    Default Breaking frozen motor update

    First of all a big thank you to everybody that responded and for the excellent tips both in the forum and by PM. I pulled the plugs on my 91 silverado 350 and used a jug of synthetic motor oil I bought at a garage sale and an oil can to oil down the cylinders. After 2 days I got on the end of the crank with a breaker bar and rocked the crank to break the engine free. I wasn't able to get the crank to turn, just rock a little. After a few minutes of this I noticed that the belt on either side of the alternator would loosen each time I rocked the crank. I then pulled the belt off the pulleys, which was difficult because it was stuck to the pulleys and the idlers. With the belt off I found out that the engine wasn't frozen after all, the alternator was. So, long story short, after putting on a new alternator, a new starter and a new set of plugs the engine that hadn't been started in over 2 years fired right up with good oil pressure, sat and idled for nearly an hour and took me around the section. Those that scoffed at my truck and wouldn't even buy it for parts missed out on a steal of a deal. Too bad for them, the price just went up.

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    Great news for sure.

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