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Thread: seperated catch requirement

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    Default seperated catch requirement

    Can anyone explain this to me? Why can't we simply keep track of our individual count and can not share one livewell. Why are fishing boat manufacturers able to install more fishing seats than they have livewell spaces?

    Per MDC Guidlines:
    "The possession limit is twice the statewide daily limit. Fish you take and possess must be kept separate or distinctly identifiable from fish taken by another person. If you are away from your catch, the device holding the fish must be plainly labeled with your full name and address."

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    Because one person could catch all the fish so he would be over the limit and the other person would be Joedog!

    You can share livewells as long as you can mark the fish in a way they can be identified as to who caught them. Some clip fins, some use a stringer in the livewell and even better a simple hole punch and punch a hole in a fin as identification.

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