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Thread: No Body Knows Nothing Anymore

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    One more thing along those lines. You can't go to a burger joint and order a cheeseburger with pickle mustard and onion, a large
    fry, and a large coke any more. It has to be a #1, #2, and so on. I get so mad my wife tells me before we go in that she will
    order for us. I do not fit in to this new deal when I can't even order a cheeseburger with any confidence and get what I think
    I ordered. I need to quit thinking about it, I'm getting mad again.
    Tell'em I'll be there.
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    I am an outside parts salesman for a trailer parts/service shop in Little Rock. Our counter guys are some of the best around. They have all been in the parts business for several years and know what they're doing. The new guys that I have had to do business with at other companies are mainly there to draw a check. They could care less about learning the business and becoming the best they can be. Glad you found your parts.
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