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04-18-2009, 07:25 PM
Just thought I'd pass on some info to all. When I got my pontoon about 4 years ago Papasage answered a post about homemade rod holders and gave me pictures and instructions how to make them. A while back I see a post from Crappie Buster on the rod holders he had built. Basically the same principal as Papasage's except he had cut some out of the side on the back hole to make it easier for rod removal when you get a bite. I tried taking the side out of one of mine to see if it would work better for me. WOW, what a difference. The rod came out so much easier. I cut the inside out of the right rod holders and the inside out of the left rod holders, so we wouldn't be jerking the same direction, and they are going to be great. Just wanted everyone to know that sharing helps everyone and I publicly wanted to thank Papasage and Crappie Buster for their help. Really made it easier on me and who ever fishes out of the left chair now. Thanks to all members who pass on info. Ferdi aka Fred Search rod holders then Papasage and Crappie Buster:D