View Full Version : How stupid are fish???

03-02-2009, 05:32 PM
I have a 55 gallon drum that contained a bunch of fish. 5 fathead minnows in both colors, about 50 mosquito fish, and 1 or 2 3/4" green sunfish. In the barrel has a round dehydrator tray for structure and a bunch of strands of elodea.
The only fish that were not wild were the fatheads. I next after getting bored with the bait fish not reproducing, introduced over 30 bluegill in the 2-5" range. It took aproximately 2 days and the fatheads were all gone, slowly over time the mosquito fish dwindled down but lasted over a week. Its now been over a month. The bluegill swim all through the plants sometimes tearing through them after taking a worm from me. I went to clean the barrel yesterday and lifted out the tray with plants and sat it on the ground. A few minutes later i walked by and there is one on my little green sunfish flopping on the ground. I was really amazed. I gave him his own barrel, atleast for now, (insert smiley face with devil horns here!).

I also had 3 smaller sized(peanut M&M size) tadpoles, that stayed in with the bluegill for a week or 2 but removed them and placed in with smaller bluegill, for fear they would get eaten.

Fatheads- like forest gump
Mosquito/gambustia-above average, like little fish with glasses
green sunfish-stealth ninja fish:D