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Backwater Man
03-01-2009, 10:25 PM
Darryl thanks a million for helping me out on the fishing in Lake Greeson. I will try and fish down lake to see if the crappie are in the coves, if not than I will move up toward self creek area.

Millwood Lake information for those that do not have a map and to far to travel. I also use goggle satelite maps to check out the coves and creeks. Three major hiways that border Millwood Lake---Northside / Ashdown --hiway 71 to Wilton. From hiway 71 onto hiway 27 at Ben lomond which runs along the eastern side of the lake. Hiway 32 from Ashdown across the dam to Sartago and the southern side and hiway 355 which goes to mineral springs and intersects hiway 27 on the eastern side of the lake.

Yarbough Landing----Jacks Isle---Corps Of Engrineers office---hiway 32 from hiway 71 in ashdown along the North and south side of the lake to Sartago and hiway 355.

White Cliff / Paraloma---8-9 miles from Ben Lomond off hiway 71---follow the signs to the camp sites. Paraloma on the lake---white cliff on little river-4-5 miles upriver from lake. Horseshoe--Mud and Mcquire oxbow lakes can be accessed from white cliff ramp if you know where they are at. Mcquire is accessed by a creek from the river.

Cottonshed and Saline river area is about 20 miles from white cliff off hiway 27 or hiway 355. Okay landing is on the south side off hiway 355--okay and cottonshed join each other on the shore line.

Boat runs can be used to access these area,s using the main lake and river, but windy days use the roads to access each ramp. 15-20 mph wind on millwood is white caps. This shallow lake puts up some big waves, plus the boat runs go across the lake causing waves to hit you from the side. You will flip a boat or sink it.

Windy conditions---Cottonshed is the most dangerous--it is open all of the way across the lake 6-7 miles-----Hope this helps some out of staters or distance guys:)---

It is probably close to 120 miles around the lake by road or hiways, plus the legs off the main roads