View Full Version : I'm not crazy, it looked like a walleye

02-15-2009, 05:10 PM
Well I just got back and still can't believe what I just saw. I had to work today, again. But I got off at 2:00 this afternoon, and couldn't stand it any longer I went to Augusta and got some minnows. As is my luck the sun quit shining as soon as I got down on the creek bank but I decided to keep on as it was still fairly warm. After fishing with my brother-in law for around a half hour with no bites among either of us. I finally got a side ways pull, not really taking my slip bobber under but pulling it side ways as crappie will sometimes do. So I set the hook and it was immediatley clear this was not a crappie. My first thought was a catfish. I was fishing with a Richard Williams jig pole, slip bobber and minnow at around 5 ft. deep. After fighting the fish for around 30 sec. I finally saw a white flash and still thought catfish. Finally I get what appears to be a walleye or a big sauger without any spots to the top of the water right at the bank and my line breaks. This happened in Lawerence Creek in Mason County Kentucky which is a tributary of the Ohio river. I have never caught or heard of anyone catching walleye in this part of the country. But I saw what I saw. I know what they look like as we go up to Lake Erie every year. I still am shaking at what could have been a really special catch. Worst part is my brother-in law only saw my pole bent and me on my knees. :eek: I'm going back tomorrow after work again.

02-16-2009, 02:32 PM
Not sure what you had? There is a fish native to the Ohio River known as a Grinnell or Dog Fish.

They can have a white underside with a brownish white top. They have teeth and a long dorsal fin.

Up close they are ugly. But, if you only see a flash of one it could look like a walleye. :confused:

02-17-2009, 06:18 AM
there are plenty of walleye in the Ohio, so I
wouldn't be surprised at all.