View Full Version : Jerry Hancock Video and Boy Scouts in Abilene, Texas

02-14-2009, 06:00 PM
Crappie Anglers:

I was approached recently by the local Boy Scout troops leader in the Abilene area and asked if I had any information that could be viewed by the Scouts in regard to fishing and conservationism. I had to think about 20 seconds, before I realized exactly what I had that would fit their requests.

Luckily, I had the three video's that Jerry Hancock and Paul Obier had put together in the last several months and lent them to the Scout Leaders. I cannot express the gratitude those boys and their leaders had in viewing the three video's and the interest the video's produced in those youngsters.

Jerry and Paul, those scouts and the leaders were tremendously appreciative for the information provided, the details provided, but better yet in a clean, wholesome format for scouts/young people. You guys are the BEST and deserve an applause for the product produced when you had no idea who might view it. You are a credit to the crappie anglers throughout and to the future of the sport for doing what you do in the seminars and video's. No doubt you can't please everyone 100 percent of the time, but there are alot of fishermen or wannabe fishermen like those scouts that think you are just like the Kevin Van Dam's of the world.

Thanks for all you do and especially from boy scouts and other youth that are lucky enough to view the video's. Both of you are a credit to the sport in the ability to so freely give the information that helps you guys be successful. I would encourage others to approach the youth groups in their individual towns if they have these video's or other fishing video's to share as those youngsters are starving for that information, especially the ones without Dad's or Mother's that will expose them to crappie fishing. If a person could influence just one youngster into fishing rather than a bad alternative the effort is worth it.

Regards and Thanks for a Great Product,

Ron Dennis, Mud-Dabber