View Full Version : looking for lost friend

J White
07-02-2005, 11:05 AM
Awhile back, I used to run up on a man from Corinth, MS just about
every weekend during the hot months at Bay Springs. He was in a
big Stratos bassboat with I think a 175 Johnson or Evinrude. He always
spider rigged w/ minnows and I trolled cranks- got in the habit of sidling
up to him and talking when we saw each other. He talked about fishing
one of the tournament trails, heard him mention Patoka. Anyway, I haven't
seen him in awhile, and wonder what happened to him. I have a sneaking
suspicion that he traded boats and I didn't recognize him in the new one.
Long story, but a Ranger Fisherman pulled up to talk to me I think, and
I acted a complete a**- No excuse, but I was having a BAD day, starting
off with the trip to the lake, and it didn't get any better. (I don't see well
at a distance either - can thread hook eyes no prob, but can't make out
faces at 75 feet) Whoever that was, I have always regretted how I acted,
don't go fishing what I don't think about it. SORRY! And buddy, if that was
you, you should have pulled over and knocked the crap out of me - think
that'd been better than carrying this guilt around! If you recognize I'm
talking about you, or know this fellow, please send me a message.