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01-04-2009, 10:38 AM
Fishing in northern Minnesota usually means by the end of November a few of us are starting to make our way out onto the frozen lakes.
Typically we can have 4 inches of that black ice which is sorta spooky to walk on ,but having ice picks and a buddy with a rope tethered to me while I'll scout out the path to our destination gives me some solace that if I do go through ,I'll get out safely.
So far this has not happened ,but you never know.
Taking the risk for me is exhilarating.

We can ice fish for up to 5 solid months. The early season and late are of coarse my most favorite of times.The temps are milder and the fishing is hot!
As we get into mid winter the fishing can still be good ,but I'll find that those fish feeding habits change and so I must change with them.
Nice quality fish can be caught all winter long.
Here's a couple from last February....

Then as late ice comes the action heats up all over again.
Here's a pic of Steve aka...Mallard.
With the water pouring back into the lake warming it, the mayfly larva release from the mud and these tullies can be found in abundance.

Also fishin on ice during the late season is a great time to bring friends together.

I feel lucky to have quality lakes here in northern Minnesota.
Late ice is also a time when the geese and eagles return.
Listening to the honkers bawl as they fly over just gives me a great feeling inside.
The new life that is about to be born as this ice melts and the new spring arrives.

Fishing in Minnesota is a real treat. Too live here is something I do not take for granted.
Being an outdoorsman it is my responsibilty to aide in conservation.
Culling smaller fish for the pan and releasing those bigger fish through C.P.R. will help sustain and maintain these fisheries.
Let's all try to release those bigger breeders ...eh!

Also take a child or elder out fishing...both of you will be better for it.