View Full Version : Bamboo Crappie Condos

05-26-2005, 12:53 PM
Just curious as to how many condos you guys sink in one place....each of our condo's have about 12-15 stalks of bamboo in a five gallon bucket of concrete....We are going to try four per hole......Right now we have two condos at each hole with minimal fish...mostly small fish.....any recommendations would be appreciated.....

05-26-2005, 02:57 PM
Wouldnt think you could have to many and if you dont catch fish then add more.

I would just suggest that you read and re read The article on them from Jerry Blake. I have done this and have added some steps and taken some away to get a system that is working for me. Just remember fishing is not a science its a art

05-26-2005, 11:30 PM
I drop them in a triangle so I can fish each bucket full without spooking the other 2. On points I have them 20yds apart into the deepest point. Put them on curves of creeks. I love the ones I have where a creek channel narrows from an old bridge. The water drops from 12' to 38' in about 20yds. I dropped 1 at 12', 1 at 25', and 1 at 38'. The fish, not just crappie, move up and down on the 3 of them with the weather. It is amazing what bamboo can do. shhh it is a secret. ;)
When I first started I just dropped one per hole and caaught fish on them like crazy. The reason I droped a few more was to cover different depths. I love the condos. They have made me a better fisherman. After dropping these things you learn which ones hold fish and why. Now it seems easy to find simalar situations on other cover in the lake. But in my opinion nothing beats these bamboo condos. I am making a few now but it has been 2 months since I have dropped any. I have to get to work. You might want to only drop at night this time of year. Lot of people on the water. Most waterfront owners are around and they yell at me when they see me dropping them. They think they own the water too.lol