View Full Version : New Museum and Aquarium coming to Warrick County IN next to Blue Grass F&W Area

07-26-2004, 11:16 PM
Well there has been talk for a while about building a huge 1.5 million gallon freshwater and Saltwater aquarium in this area but now it's been announced that it's going to be built in Warrick Country off St John's Road. Well that is very close to my fishing holes. LOL The Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife area is just to the West of St. Johns Road. I travel this road to reach the pits that I love to fish. Now they are talking about building a Science and Technology Museum and Eleven National Restraunts in the area. There is a new campground being built by Tom Newmaster of Warrick County. That camp ground is very nice with several small lakes built along the campground. Trees have already been planted and I observed many picnic tables already in place. The lake has a sand beach all around the edge along with some riprap and some quaint wooded bridges that lead out to a small island in the middle of the lake. I am not sure how big the campground will get but they have lots of room. This is reclaimed coal mined land that is started to be developed. It's close to Evansville, IN and there is easy access to the area from an Interstate Highway.

Now if the DNR can only better manage the pits to give us more fish. The DNR currently is doing surveys and asking fishermen questions about their fishing experiences and what they would like to see the Indiana DNR add to Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife Area. They asked if we would like to see them stock MUSKIES. LOL Imagine while crappie fishing with 6#test line and a minnow you hook into a 36" long Muskie on your light weight spinning rod and reel. YEEEOOOOOW!!!!!!!!. Better hang onto your boat and hat!

I have a feeling that this once quiet area is going to be bustling. It's a shame in a way though. Today you can drive or ride your bike in the area and see redtailed hawks and wild Geeze and ducks. There are many variety of shore birds that inhabit the area. There are wild coyottes and other varmits that frequent the area as well. If they build such a commercial interprise so close to the F&W area then I fear that it will ruin the quiet nature of the entire area. I can image the number of cars and buses that will fill the roads. On the other hand maybe the county will pave the roads and make them smoother.

I went to the bait shop today and got a few dozen shiners to feed my crappie. I also picked up a dozen or so Giant Night Crawlers and may do some fishing for Catfish in the Pits. I have some new lights that I want to try out and now that I know the deetless bug lotion works I may do some night fishing without fear of getting West Nile Virus from mosquito bites.

I was looking at some portable battery operated power supplie today. One is 600 Watts of Power with two 12 volt cigarette type outlets. It is charged by a small 110 volt charger unit that plugs into the suppy device. I found some power inverters 75Watts for under 40 bucks. So for 100 bucks I could have two or three hours of 110 volt AC or several hours of DC power for my fishing lights etc. Going to wait a while longer to see what other kinds of power supply units are coming out in the market place. I would rather have a power supply that uses the new battery technology of the Optima type batteries. I would love to see a battery that uses the spiral cell technology in these portable jumper power supplies. Why? Well because the optima batteries use a pure type lead that offers little resistance to the charging current and therefore charge up in only two or three hours vs over night for the lead acid type batteries. Also the new Optima Batteries don't use water but instead use a paste with glass matting inbetween the pure lead plates that are wound in a spiral fashion in each of the six cells. And the new Optima type batteries will hold their charge for 2 years without loosing the batteries charge. That way you can charge them up faster and let the sit on the shelf on in the boat and they will still be ready to use after sitting idle for a year or more. Now that is what I would like to see. I hope that the Optima battery patent is expired by now and that others will copy the new technology and bring some more competion to the market place and drive the price down to where these Optima type batteries don't cost an arm and a leg as they did when I got my first two Optima Batteries for my boat.

Also it will be nice to have a nice big aquarium with freshwater fish from the area. Hopefully I can get a lifetime membership or a yearly pass and frequent the aquarium to watch the fish feed.

Oh and here a link to the newspaper article that talks about the develoment of this aquarium and the restraunts