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04-16-2005, 07:35 PM
If fish are showing on your graph and they are slow to bite or will not bite, How long do you give a specific color jig before changing colors again?

Pomoxis 2
04-16-2005, 11:31 PM
I tie streamer flies and (...here he goes again...) one cold December afternoon trolling Brown Trout in a lake we were not getting any action. We might as well try some of those other new flies. My friend decided to try a particular new pattern but ONLY FOR 30 MINUTES THEN IT'S OFF!! After 29 minutes and 45 seconds he said ALRIGHT - TIME IS UP! and stood up to grab the rod and change it. The rod went over just as he touched it and he landed a good one. We instantly named the pattern a "30 MINUTE MINNOW" which proceeded to catch very many good fish under difficult conditions and is now a personal 'classic'.
I think about 15-30 minutes is a good stretch for a 'try' providing you are giving it a fair try. Color is just one of very many factors involved, as you know. Stick with the basics:
For DIRTY WATER- bright colors, such as red with yellow tail.
For AVERAGE CONDITIONS - black or maybe white (that covers everything, right?)
For ULTRA CLEAR WATER - here is where it gets interesting, the best color is almost unavailable these days unless you pour your own, SMOKE. Plain smoke, not smoke with any kind of glitter added at all. I am not aware of anyone who makes it besides Bass Pro, Spring Grub. Their 2" is big and now has salt added (sprinkled on). Mister Twister used to make a plain smoke and they decided to cancel it just as I was discovering how it was the best color ever in clear water. (...Everything I have ever loved is now gone...). Plain smoke starts to disappear in clear water. That is just what you want. You want the fish to get closer and get a better look. Better yet, he might have to bite it to find out what it really is...
After two or three color changes get the hell out of there, or try the other things.
(Here is another boring story) Once upon a time..One fine day at Swartswood Lake my friend and I were not having much luck catching the crappie 15 feet under us. I was displaying the most incredible jigging talent with a black twister that I could muster. (Someone contact the Olympic committee) No action. Finally time for a smoke, so I put the rod in the rod holder. A minute later the rod goes down. It was a dead calm day... no jigging action at all. They wanted it perfectly still. That method has worked in that spot again.
1 Find a spot that holds fish. (Devote half your life if you have to)
2 Go there during a major solunar period when the wind is not blowing hard and the temp is not falling fast and the barometer is falling.
3 Try casting 3 different color type of jigs and retrieve each of them right in front of their noses at retrieves varying from dead still to rippin fast.
4 Apply for a job at my company.
5 If no action, go home, research a new lake and bait store, and enjoy some blueberry pie and dream.....

04-17-2005, 06:34 AM
I Usually Give Them About 15 Minutes Then Start Trying Different Colors.i"ve Tried Up To 20 Before Finding One They Liked!!and Theres Been Days When They Got Locked Lips When Nothing Works. Good Fishin To Ya!!!dennis

04-17-2005, 08:39 AM
Love your reply Pomoxis. Anxious to read the next one.

As for me, I usually try for no more than 10 minutes and sometimes sooner. If I don't get a hit in just a few minutes, I'll try something else. If after 30 or 45 minutes and I've had no luck, I figure there's no reason to keep trying to catch these ignorant fish. I'll go find some more intelligent.