View Full Version : Weight loss?

Barnacle Bill
04-16-2005, 12:20 PM
If someone caught a large crappie and kept it on ice for 36 hours before it got weighed, how much weight do you think it would loose? Bragging post will be under Virginia forum later.

04-19-2005, 07:26 AM
If you rub the slime coat off the fish and keep it in fresh water it WILL GAIN WEIGHT as water will go into the fish flesh due to Osmosis.

If you soak it in salt water the water in the fish flesh will leave the fish flesh and try to dilute the salt in the bucket of water via osmisis.

So to firm up fish soak them in salt water. To make them weight more soak them in fresh water after you rub the slime coat off the fish's skin.
I didn't believe that weight gain thing when you first posted it and I finally gave it a try last nite. Caught a fish that weighed 2lb 2oz on the boat scales. Caught it at 8:30 and promptly wiped it dry with a towel and then weighed it. Put it in the cooler with enough water to completely cover. Got home at 10:30 and weighed it on a set of digital certified "legal for trade" scales I have. It weighed 34.2oz. At 7:30 this am I weighed it again and it weighed 34.4 oz. I think .2 oz is too little to be considered weight gain. Perhaps the scales caused the water to "osmote" too slowly :)

Regarding salt drawing water from the fish"s body. As a practitioner of the fine art of meat curing I disagree that soaking in a salt solution will firm up the flesh. True--salt will draw moisture from the flesh but the flesh will also soak up some of the "brine". That's why bacon. ham and smoked salmon are salty.