View Full Version : Hi-Vis lines, spook the fish or not?

04-13-2005, 01:14 PM
Was wandering what everybody thought / thinks about using the bright neon / flor. colored lines as far as the fish spooking goes? I have a few reels / rods rigged with neon green / yellow, i know that fishing clear water i can see the line pretty good. Can the fish see the line as well as us? Thanks.

04-13-2005, 01:37 PM
Don't think it matters much normally, but Berkley has a new line that is hi vis out of the water and not under the water.

I don't use hi vis my self though, but if you are fishing ultra clear water I could see it making a difference.

04-13-2005, 03:24 PM
I would like to relate a story about a friend of mine. He and I were fishing together for Hybrids. I had lo-vis green stren on my reel and he was fishing with the Hi-vis yellow line. We were fishing at night and I began catching fish on top-water. My friend had not boated a fish as I pulled in my fourth five pounder. After releasing the fish, I quickly pulled another top-water bait from my tackle box identical to the one I was using and threw it to my friend, thinking that was the deciding factor. My friend fished the bait with the same cadence and rythem but never caught the first fish. We concluded that the Hi-vis yellow line he was using must have had an impact on him not getting any strikes.

I realize this is just one incident and it may relate more to the species of fish. Personally after witnessing this first hand I believe it does make a difference.

If the water is stained maybe it does not matter as much, but in this case we were fishing clear water at night.

04-13-2005, 03:53 PM
. My friend fished the bait with the same cadence and rythem but never caught the first fish. We concluded that the Hi-vis yellow line he was using must have had an impact on him not getting any strikes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you and he had switched rods and reels, and the same thing occured I may agree with the your conculsion.Skill may have played a larger part. :)
I use Mr. Crappie 6 lb. test and have seen no difference in that and Berkley vanish in the same lb. test fished side by side spider rigging. I have caught smallmouth up to 5 lbs on the Mr. Crappie in ultra clear water. I also read an article that recommended using the chart. hi vis because crappie are attracted the that color and they would follow the line to the lure. I didn't say that; the man who wrote the article did.
When the Hi vis first came out a friend of mine bought some and I laughed at him. I believe it was orange. We went to Buggs Island lake bass fishing and he was fishing the rear of the boat. Suffice it to say, that he had the last laugh. That was a long time ago and there have been many improvements in line technology since then.
I had a reel spooled with Berkley Fluorescent Flame Green 6/14 and went with a friend crappie fishing on a very clear lake. We were fishing laydowns and I wanted to see how it would work, because with 20 lb. test I was sure I could straighten and jig hook if I were to get hung up. That line looked liked well rope in the water compared to his 6 lb. Stren. I caught just as many fish as he did. I quit using the line. Jigs get hung, not just the hooks and that 14 is very hard to break, it will move the trees. I now use 4lb so it is easier to break and creates less disturbance to the cover I am fishing.
Who is to say that in some situations line color does not make a differnce? I wouldn't say that. I will say I can't tell any differnce. I also think that in situations where you are watching the line to detect a strike, hi vis increases your success.

04-13-2005, 04:55 PM
I was given some old 12lb Yellow Stren.
I have had pretty good success with it. I have not seen a difference in the catches of others in the same boat.

I used it the other day for Crappie. I found that it made very little difference with a minnow dancing on the end.
Have not tried a jig yet.

For the obvious reason that I like it is that I can see it. I don't have those young eyes anymore. :D

I fish Barkely and the water is semi cloudy. So that could have an effect.


04-13-2005, 05:15 PM
I Use Wally Marshal Hi-visability,and Red Cajun Line On 90% Of My Reels. I Catch Fish While Others On The Boat Dont. So No I Dont Think It Makes Any Difference,an Here On The Hollow Most Of The Water Is Super Clear!! Good Fishin To Ya!!!dennis