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04-12-2005, 07:04 AM
Could someone that fishes clarkhill-hartwell-lake rullell or lake keowee please tell me if the crappie have spawned yet or not?I thought i knew a little about crappie fishing,but i have concluded I don't know squat.When the water was 56 to 59 degrees i caught a few around the bank,but they were few and far between.I thought they were fixing to pull up shallow and i was going to kill-em.But with all the rain and the cold front last week I don't know what happened.I went saturday to hartwell and fished water from 58 degrees to 64 degrees and all i caught were very small and they were only 12 of them.and the further up the creeks you go the colder the water gets.I know ya'll know what's going on and could some of you tell me what kind of places i need to try?I'll try anything.please help.My 4 yr old boy wants to catch fish and I do to.Right now daddy's guide service isn't working.I need help/advice real bad.