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03-18-2008, 09:53 PM
Recently, several were inquiring about sources of jigheads. I purchased jig heads for tying crappie jigs, but while doing so I found out that TCI Fishing Lures (Tommy Crenshaw) makes more salt water jigheads than he does crappie jigheads. If you are intersted there is some contact info below.

I recently purchased several hundred (crappie jigheads) from Mr. Tommy Crenshaw with TCI Fishing Lures. I am going to post his contact information should you still be looking. Tommy powder coated the jigheads for 1.00 dollar per hundred more than the listed price. I purchased jigs with sickle hooks, but he also has Mustad and Eagle Claw. Great job on the hooks and the powder coating. No paint in the eyes is a plus in my book plus the Matzuo sickles are unbelievably sharp. We have several excellent jig head makers on this forum and this is just another possibility.


the above is the store; you but you can deal directly thru email should you have any interest:


Good Fishing,


john h
03-19-2008, 01:12 AM
wow he has everything.. thanks for the post im gonna post link in my state section too