View Full Version : wow, can you say windy?

David Waters
04-03-2005, 07:39 AM
seems like every thread I talk about the wind, but this year has been crazy. All my fishin days have had at least 10mph winds, but it seems more like 20-30. Yesterday was just crazy windy. Sustained 25 with gusts to almost 40. Found one area to get out of it and managed 34 keepers. Felt really lucky to have them. No big ones, but I did come home and clean them, then fried up several filets for dinner by myself. Nothing but fish. No hushpuppies, fries, nothing. Just fish. Man was it good. :p

Going again today after church. Today should be the nicest day I have fished all year. Water temp it around 60, but after the cold front they seemed to pull off the cover and suspend more. Found a few up shallow, all males, but most came from tight lines around 20 feet. Give another report tonight. It is obvious the males are fanning the beds and the females are hangin out, just waitin.

David Waters
04-03-2005, 08:27 PM
well, it was a good day today. Got on the water about 1:30, had a limit of 60 keepers at 4:00. None were big, just quality fish. After that, we went looking for bigger fish for about an hour. Found a few brush piles that held several males. No big ones though. Realized we needed to clean lots of fish, so we came home.

All the fish came in 30 feet of water, suspended at 12-18 feet. Almost all females suspended. Caught several males shallow with a cork and minnow.