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03-06-2008, 01:43 PM
We are thinking of heading to La Cygne next week. I am in need of some tips, reports, locations, etc. We are just wanting to catch some fish...crappies, whites, wipers, bass, doesn't matter to us. Anybody fish there often?

03-06-2008, 03:01 PM

I may be able to help alittle. I am new here but have been gathering intel on the lake as I too have a trip planned for 3rd week in March – Here is what/ have been told:

• The marina / camp ground # is 913-757-6633, the ladies name is Carol and she has been helpful giving me very basic info, she also can tell you if both stacks are running
• Am told by others that March is a good month for the wipers – near the hot water discharge – various techniques have been recommended – tossing shassy shad after wipers that feed on the shad in the vicinity, or shallow crank baits. Folks fish it from the bank and others from boats (seems best)
• I spent some time on the phone with the fisheries biologist and he told me not to waste my time on the walleye population – not that there aren’t any, he just felt they were not that significant. He also told me that he could not confirm the wiper population after the floods of 2006 – said he lost a lot – other folks have told me that they are there and good fishin.
• Hot water discharge is toward the upper end of the lake – it pushes warm water across a relatively flat – told about 10-15 ft deep- this is where the bait and wipers and whites are
• Am told by another guy that at the north / north west end of the flat there is a subtle ridge before the water breaks off into the channel coming in from the north – am told this is enough structure to draw wipers too and a good spot
• Have been told that the channel coming in from the north holds blue cats – good drifting – but don’t know. Have heard others say there are huge blues in there and have read articles to collaborate it ( one guy doing well with a trot line in April)
• Have been told that trolling the channel produces
• Another spot further up in the river - am told that there is a flat on the south side of the channel before the river turns south into the main lake – said to be about 5-6 feet and holds bait – a good place to cast for wipers chasing shad ( ofcourse there should be plenty of bait at the outlet)– Also as the river turns the bend south opening to the main lake am told the riprap on the west side is also good for crappie or wiper or cats as it drops into the channel hugging that side
• Another guy indicated that the place is packed on the weekend, starting early – leading me to believe that week day fishing is less crowded – makes since

BMO – all this is what I have been told and keep in mind I have never been there – perhaps you can shoot me a spot report after your trip and let me know if it helped – perhaps your intel can help me on my trip as well.

Also – there are obviously a lot more guys on this site whit tons of knowledge. Take my stuff for what it is worth