View Full Version : TeeZur Jigs find a new home in Southern IN

04-01-2005, 03:15 PM
Caught 5 or 6 nice 10" crappie yesterday at Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife Area on Otter Pit using the Teezur Chartruse jigs

04-01-2005, 03:34 PM
Hi Moose1am! I use the Teezur jigs down here in Florida. I fish the kissimmee river.
I use the 1/32 oz jig. I have had my best bite on the orange & yellow jig. Also the white and the dark green jig. These are some of the best jig made.
Check my post in the Florida section. Look for Swanie's post.

Later Swanie.

04-01-2005, 08:07 PM
Well yesterday I wrote a novel on this but I forgot that I had ZAP setup to shut down my internet connection after ten minutes of inactivity. I suspect that typing on the crappie.com forums does not produce activity on my computer according to the ZAP program. Anyway after spending at least 30 minutes typing up my novel and report on Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife area fishing I was denied access to the web and lost all the typing. I did that twice before I remembered changing the settings on ZAP and figured out what the problem was. By that time I was worned out and tired and therefore the post above was very short. LOL I can see Fatboy now saying "Thank God sweet Jesus!" lol

But I wanted to also report that I just finished cleaing the fish. I measured each fish's weight with my digital berkley scales and then measured each fish's lenght with my deliar tape measure. The longest was only 12" long but that is a goods sized crappie for Otter Pit. Last year I caught a lot of 8" to 9" long crappie from Otter Pit in the same spot. So maybe by taking out all those 8" crappie last year it allowed those that were left to gain some lenght and weight. This fish only weighted 9 oz. I just wish that the crappie grew larger in this 90 acre strip pit. Water was flowing though Blue Grass Pit and into Loon pit and then into Otter Pit yesterday. Air temps were in the low 70's. Water temp was around 57 deg at the surface. I only fished for about an hour and a half and after I switched to the Oldham weedless jigs the fish stopped bitting. I lost two of my TeeZur jig head in the brush pile.

It was great to get out yesterday and fish.

I used my Deluxe Precision Knife Sharpening System from Smith's for the first time today. I put it to use on my Rapala Filet knife.

I also tried to use my new Radioshack 110v to 12v dc converter but found out that it only outputs 1000 ma or 1amp. That is not enough power to run my American Angler 12V dc filet knife evidently. I am going to trade this unit in on a 3 amp or the ten amp unit and see if that will run my filet knife when I have access to a 110 volt ac power outlet.

I am going to weight the crappie filets and see how much meat I have. They are soaking in salt water in the frig right now as I type. Going to get the blood pulled out of the meat over night before I have my fish fry. LOL

Life is good. But today it's cold and raining. Frogg Toggs are on order and should be coming to me via USPS in the next few days.

Boat trailer's tongue is scheduled to be repaired this coming saturday after about 9 am. Wish me luck and I hope that the welder can fix the end of the trailer that the coupling device attaches to. It's bent pretty badly and some of the metal is cracked on the 2X2 box steel frame