View Full Version : CBBT 3 March 2008 - C & R Action Report

03-03-2008, 07:35 PM
Started the day with a 18 inch tagged fury flounder staring at me, laid it on the cutting board but it was to short so I put it back on the dash of my truck.......hooked up the boat and headed to LC ramp & some C&R action at the CBBT with my permanent HO Harvey .......as stated in a prior post- they are all over the 1st island........not big cows but nice mid 20's to low 30ish class of fish.......helped a yacker pick a spot for togg'n and asked if he was a POL - Nope. But I told him about the POL website.

Got a visit for safety check from the VBch patrol.....and went right back to catch photo and release of the rockfish that call the islands home......low tide was at 11 and water temp was 46.x* found most fish in 30 feet of water right on the bottom.........we used Ba's and BKD's with 1 or 2 oz heads....... I used a thing called "chin spin" that whatsherface brought home from a yard sale last summer, 200 of those things for like 8 bucks.

Pretty nice day and for just once I actually turned on my radio and heard hit N miss reports across the line in the coastal zone for a few fat keepers.......nothing that made me want to turn tail and head to CH for 2 keepers when we had all the throbacks we wanted right where we were......NEVER LEAVE FISH TO FIND FISH.

Thank you Kathy H ( Ocnslr's wife ) for the block on traffic to help me get the boat threw the gate with 4:30 Traffic !

Pics from today :::









03-06-2008, 07:34 PM
Nice fish there! That stuffed flounder looked good but I'd bet he doesn't eat too good! :eek: lol