View Full Version : Where Should I Expect Them To Be?

03-29-2005, 12:07 PM
I'm going to Hartwell this Thursday & MAY (or may not) get a chance to fish this Friday and Saturday. Here in the Midlands, the dogwoods are just beginning to open & I've seen some red buds around. But Oconee County is probably going to be a few days to as much as a week behind us. Therefore, where should I begin in my search for crappie? My guess is that they are going to be staging on flats between the creek channels & the bank in coves off the main lake. If I don't find them there, I may try in the back end of the coves in brush. Does this sound right to you guys? If they are in the flats, I'm thinking somewhere between 12 - 20 feet. If they are in the brush in the back ends of coves, then I guess they'll have to be real shallow.

I think I'll try drifting/trolling the flats & if I don't find them there, I'll try dabbling some jigs around the brush. Does this sound right to you guys?



03-29-2005, 04:40 PM

Boy, I thought I would really hammer them last week. My dad and I fished 12 Mile Creek, Eastanollee Creek, and Martins Creek. I figured it was too cold for them to be on the banks and trolled the channels. We also fished some brush and the bridges. Didn't bother with docks.

We did lousy although my dad caught about the prettiest crappie I've seen under a bridge.

I figure this week and next should be much better. Water temps for us were mid-50s and we had a cold rain the first part of the week.


03-30-2005, 06:49 AM
Tugaloo, Sounds Like You Have The Plan Figured Out.just Remember To Keep Your Presentation Relativly Slow!we Have A Few Starting To Show Up Shallow Here--having Problems Finding The Bulk Of Them.their Not In The Flats!!going To Try Main Channel Today Next To Water Willows--hopefully We"ll Find Them!! Good Fishin To Ya!!!dennis